How We’re Enjoying Game Day


For the past 4 years of our marriage my husband and I haven’t been watching football.

And not because we don’t enjoy the sport. We both grew up with it and are actually huge fans of our respective teams. But when we first got married, in an effort to save money, we didn’t get cable. And my husband’s job required him to work a lot of weekends, so he was hardly ever off to watch the games anyway.

Every year as football season began my husband would say “this year is the year we’re getting cable so that I can watch football!”

And yet, every year, we elected to save money instead because he was hardly ever off to watch the games anyways.

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Disney on Ice Presents Follow Your Heart

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Okay everyone, Disney on Ice was so much fun this year!

We had been hyping it up to Sawyer all week. By the time we loaded up the car to go to the show he could barely contain himself. “I’m going to see MICKEY MOUSE!!!” he kept screaming. It was so fun to see him so excited.

Once we arrived at the venue and found our seats, we waited for the show to start. Sawyer kept asking where Mickey was and it was so cute! They had a few figure skaters come out and do a little pre-show and they were very good and entertaining!

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Label your Everything with Name Bubbles!

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I have 2 kids. 2 boys, to be more specific. Boys are loud and rambunctious. They tend to run. They tend to yell. They tend to lost things. They tend to wander off.

Not only that, but as brothers, they have a lot of the same stuff. And Lord have mercy on the parent (me) that tries to give a 2 year old a sippy cup that is clearly his brother’s. Am I right?

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Holiday Cards for the Last Minute Mama with Minted

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I really thought I’d be on top of it this year.

I’ve self-coined the term “slacker mom” for myself and it rings true time and time again. I always tend to leave thing until the last minute and then throw them together as best I can. Luckily, I’ve gotten very very good at throwing things together, last minute. If I wasn’t so honest on this blog, you might not even be able to tell.

I wanted to get ahead of the game this year, so I contacted our favorite photographer about Christmas Card photos in October. Yep, I was actually going to do them early this year. (Want to shoot the perfect holiday card? Check out this article about showcasing your children in your holiday cards, and this article about posing your pets in holiday cards, and this article about matching family attire for holiday cards!) Or, so I thought. Then, my husband found out he would be starting a new job and going back to school and our lives quickly became a whirlwind for the months of October and November and we never did schedule those pictures.

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Give the gift of Reading with Usborne Books!

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I hear the word Christmas and one thing comes to mind: toys.

My kids are going to get so. many. toys. And you know what? They already have so many toys! I try to go through their toys the week before Christmas and throw away anything that’s broken, and donate anything they don’t play with anymore to make room for all the looming gifts they are about to receive.

None of us want our kids to end up spoiled, but it just happens around the holidays, doesn’t it? I love seeing my toddler’s face light up when he receives something he really wanted and will love. And so do his grandparents, his aunts, his uncles, etc. and so he winds up with a lot of gifts!

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Stuff Those Stockings- With Tile!


Can you believe Christmas is almost here?! Have you finished your shopping yet?
If you have, I’m pretty envious. Although I got a pretty good head start this year, I’m almost always behind on my holiday shopping. I’m happy to say that this year- there’s only a few people left on my list! But the reason they’re left is…I have NO idea what to get them!
That’s where Tile comes in. Tile is a gift suitable for everyone. Why? Because we all lose things! And sometimes, those things are irreplaceable.

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Currently Loving: Drybar Park Meadows

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Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a local blogger event for the grand opening of Drybar Park Meadows (Lone Tree).

We’ve been to Drybar before and loved it. We were so honored to help support the opening of their newest location at Park Meadows!

Blow dry only salons are relatively new to the haircare scene. And they’re completely blowing it up! Blow dry only salons don’t offer cuts, colors, perms, or other such services. They offer blowouts and that’s it. And it’s amazing.

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An Oliver Update



It’s been a whirlwind, friends. Since Oliver’s premature birth back in June, we’ve wrestled with a number of things. His 16 day NICU stay, where he had to learn to maintain his temperature, get his jaundice levels down, and eat by mouth without the feeding tube, were extremely challenging to say the very least. After we brought him home we dealt with 3.5 months of hauling an oxygen tank everywhere we went, keeping track of refills, and routinely changing his cannula. Then came my pumping and supply issues. Then breastfeeding issues. Them formula supplementation. Then trying to wean him off oxygen at night. Then the weight gain issues.

Oliver is 5 months old as of yesterday, and despite all of the above, we are so incredibly happy with his progress.

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Disney On Ice- Denver Giveaway!

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Disney on Ice- Follow Your Heart is coming to Denver!

We are so excited and so fortunate to be able to go. We love all things Disney in our house, I’m so excited Sawyer is finally old enough to appreciate Disney on Ice this year!

I remember going to Disney on Ice as a child and having the best time! We didn’t have much money when I was younger, but my parents always made special outings like that possible for us. My siblings and I all loved Disney movies growing up, and it was so exciting and special to see them brought to life on ice. I get all warm and tingling just thinking about it.

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