What I Wish I Had Known About Hospital Birth


I’ve had both my babies in hospitals. One naturally, and one surgically. Both times there were things about my stay while giving birth that surprised me. Good and bad. I thought I was more prepared the second time, but I was still taken aback about some things that came differently with a vaginal birth!

You can do all the research and feel as prepared as possible. I was, and there are still things I wish I had known going into it, or things I would’ve prepared for or done differently!

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The Toddler Lunch Battle


Ah, toddlers and food. Yet another daily battle we face as parents: Getting your children to eat something.

It’s not for the faint of heart. Sometimes I have to go into lunchtime with my game face on. Knowing full well I could be spending the next hour pleading with my 2 year old to have a bite of applesauce. How are you supposed to get your kids nutrition when all they want is chicken nuggets and mac and cheese? I definitely don’t have it all figured out but I sure am trying!

I know for a fact Sawyer will eat 5 things: Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Mac n’ Cheese, Yogurt, Fruit and Berries, Hot Dogs, Quesadillas…and that’s pretty much it.

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Disney on Ice Presents Frozen – Coming to Denver!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Disney on Ice. All opinions are my own. 

We’re so excited because Disney on Ice Presents Frozen is coming to Denver next week! I’m going to be taking Sawyer and my dear friend and her daughter to see the show and we’re counting down the days.

Last year Sawyer was obsessed with all things Olaf- it was so cute! He still loves to watch Frozen and sing all the songs so we can’t wait to see the show!

Disney on Ice Presents Frozen tells the classic tale of the Academy Award winning film Frozen. The show is hosted by Mickey and Minnie with special guest appearances by the Disney Princesses and characters from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King!

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Preparing For a Disney Trip

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Freshly Picked and may contain affiliate links. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information. 

Only 16 days until we visit Disneyland! We are so excited. Sawyer asks every day if today is the day we’re getting on an airplane to go to Disney. While we’ll be spending a week in San Diego, we’re heading up to Anaheim for 2 days for some Disney fun!

Last spring, we took Sawyer to Disneyland for the first time and he had a magical time. This year, we’re going to California Adventure so he can see Cars Land!

When going to Disney Parks there are so many things you can do to make the experience extra special for your kids! I like to immerse them in Disney before heading on a trip, make sure everything for our travels is Disney themed, to really amp up their excitement! Here are some of my must haves:

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Biba M Double Stroller Review

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Biba M. All opinions are my own.

You guys may know this about me, but I’m kind of a baby gear junkie. Especially strollers. Life with kids is hectic and I get overwhelmed easily, so I’m constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest gear that can make this wild ride a little easier. Before kids I was constantly purging, throwing things out, selling things, not wanting my home to be too overcrowded, wanting to live a “simplified life”. Now, I just want anything and everything that can help me. Give me all the baby gear!

I think I’ve found something special with Biba M!

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The Transition From Brothers to Friends

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Carter’s. All opinions are my own. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I love having two boys.

I’ll admit, when we went into our gender reveal ultrasound and got the news that baby #2 was another boy, I felt a twinge of disappointment. How could I not? A boy and a girl is the American Dream. It’s what everybody wants, right? My disappointment lasted only a second as I gave myself a reality check and counted my blessings. I loved being a “boy mom” with Sawyer and now I got to continue on. Brothers so close in age would be the best of friends. They were going to be born at the same time of year so hand me downs would always work out. I didn’t have to buy pretty much anything to prepare. It was going to be great!

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How to Freshen Up After the Gym…When You Have no Time to Shower!

Happy Thursday!

Do you follow me on Instagram? If not, you should.

And if you already are, you might have participated in the silly polls on my story when I was having an argument with my husband.

An argument about whether or not you need to shower after every workout.

My husband thinks you should shower after every workout, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree! In a perfect world I would be fresh and clean after every sweat session. But I have kids. So that’s just not possible.

I’m already taking 2 hours out of my very, hectic, diaper-changing day to go to the gym in the first place. Another 2 hours to shower, wash, dry, and style my hair? Absolutely not.

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Introducing Your Baby to Solids


Oliver has been growing so fast. It’s been this way with both of my boys. Because they were born prematurely, they were stuck in the “newborn stage” for quite a while. Then after they turn 6 months, hit a bunch of milestones all at once! Sitting up, crawling, grabbing, etc.

They were so delayed for so long that when they rapidly start catching up and hitting milestones, it feels like they’re growing up in the blink of an eye and really tugs on my Mama heart strings.

Oliver started solids around Christmas. It’s a much different experience than with Sawyer.

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3 Things I Wasn’t Expecting About Motherhood



I thought I had prepared for just about every aspect of Motherhood. I read parenting books, caught up on all the best mommy blogs, and spent hours researching topics on Pinterest. I thought I had it covered. But I was wrong.

Motherhood changed me in ways I didn’t expect. I thought I would be me, just with kids but that wasn’t the case. I became interested in things I wasn’t before. Not even interested, straight up invested in things I never expected. Suddenly, I had to know all the latest car seats and their features. Want to know about diaper bags? I can tell you the designer and style of pretty much every bag carried by every mom in the grocery store. I don’t just know them all…I care! I care enough to research all the different diaper bags and their capabilities. I researched them so much I know them at a glance. I can tell you all the different brands of strollers on the market and their top sellers. Why do I care? I’m not sure. Like I said, I’ve changed.

There are lots of things I wasn’t expecting about Motherhood.

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The Toddler Bedtime Routine


Ah, bedtime.  A toddler parents worst nightmare and best daydream all rolled into one. Soon, your “terrible twos” year old or “threenager” will be sleeping soundly, and you can finally get some peace and quiet. But first, first, there’s a battle to get there.
A long one.
Tossing a toddler in the bath, praying they don’t soak your entire bathroom, wrangling them into pajamas, pinning them down to brush their teeth, catapulting them into their bed, wrestling them under the covers, reading them a book while they screech, giving them goodnight prayer and kisses, saying your goodnights and closing the door behind you, breathing a sigh of relief, and praying they fall asleep.

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