REI adventure in Colorado featured by top Denver travel blog, All Things Lovely

Experience Adventure with REI

This post is sponsored by REI but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Being active always clears my head and puts me in a better mind space. Sitting at home for too long not only makes me go stir crazy, but can really put me in a funk and trigger my anxiety and sometimes even depression. When I was in the height of dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of my second son last year, I started to recognize this as a trigger. The days I was stuck at home all day and didn’t get out to run errands, see a friend, or even just take the kids to the park, were the days I felt the worst. Not having anything to do made me feel lazy, and being in a small space with two children for too long wasn’t doing any good for my mental or emotional health.

The days I got out of the house I felt so much better. Even just going to the grocery store could lift my mood. Being busy and going outside, hiking, traveling, etc really improved my mood. It’s like when I was active I was myself again. I was happier and my kids were too.

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Mambo Sprouts

Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers




Did you know September is Healthy Kids Month? One of the hardest parts about parenting is the pressure in how to feed them. Especially now, in the age of millennial parenting, we have a wealth of information about what’s in our food and what’s no longer considered good for us. There’s pressure to eat clean and feed our kids complex meals with all the good things they need and without all the bad things they don’t.

Let’s toss out the first problem…kids are notoriously picky! I can be hard to find good, clean recipes and snacks that they actually like. And second, eating clean can also be very expensive. Buying junk food is tempting because it’s no much easier and less expensive.

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OdorKlenz review featured by popular Denver lifestyle blogger, All Things Lovely

A Working Mom’s Laundry Tips with OdorKlenz

OdorKlenz review featured by popular Denver lifestyle blogger, All Things Lovely

A few months ago, I took a poll on my Instagram stories asking you guys if you did laundry specifically on one day of the week or if you did just a little bit every day. I was SHOCKED at how many of you do laundry every single day. I can’t imagine doing laundry that often, it must be terrible! My theory is this: Laundry is the worst. If you get all your laundry done on specified “laundry days” then you’ll do less laundry. That’s just math!

My schedule is as follows. I wash and dry all the clothes every Monday. Then, I fold it all every Tuesday night after the kids are asleep. It really doesn’t even take up too much of my day since laundry is such a thoughtless chore. And then, I’m only doing laundry 2 days per week and have 5, glorious, laundry free days! Imagine doing an entire companies laundry though? That might make a few of you gasp, so don’t worry there are commercial laundry services out there doing this for us. Phew!

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The Best Things to Do in Keystone CO featured by popular Denver travel blogger, All Things Lovely

The Best Things to Do in Keystone CO – A Complete Travel Guide

Disclaimer: Thank you to Springs 8857 and Keystone Resort for hosting us  for this post! All opinions are my own. 

If you’ve been following along on the blog and social media, you know we had an amazing getaway to Keystone next weekend. I hope it inspired you to take a mountain getaway or ski trip with your family sometime soon, and if so, I think you should consider Keystone, Colorado!

Keystone is the quaintest little ski resort town. Living in Denver, we’re just a few hours away from some of the best ski resorts, and love visiting a few times per year. They make for great weekends away both with and without the kids. Keystone is one of my favorites. A family friend owned a condo in Keystone when I was growing up so we used to visit all the time! However, the last time I went I believe I was 18 so it’s been quite a while and I was excited to be back. Here’s everything you need to know about all the best things to do in Keystone CO!

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The Springs at River Run review featured by popular Denver travel blogger, All Things Lovely

Where to Stay in Keystone Colorado – The Springs at River Run

Disclaimer: Thank you to Valerie and John, owners of The Springs 8857 for hosting us! All opinions are my own. 

This past weekend we had the opportunity to take a weekend away in Keystone, Colorado! We love Summit County and try to travel to the different ski towns and resorts up there a few times per year. It’s so nice, living in Denver, to have so many options for “mini-vacations” and weekend getaways just a few hours away in Summit County! There are so many adventures to be had in Colorado, I’m so glad to be experiencing them with my family.

I hadn’t been to Keystone since I was a teenager and was eager to be back! Keystone is a small town. Made up of one resort and a few peaks for skiing and mountain biking, Keystone is the perfect place to spend the weekend. There is plenty to do and it is so family friendly! Stay tuned for my complete Keystone Travel Guide later this week, but today, I want to give you an in-depth look at the condo we stayed at.

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| Nested Bean review featured by popular Denver life and style blogger, All Things Lovely

Adjusting the Sleep Routine with Nested Bean

Disclaimer: This conversation about sleep sacks is sponsored by Nested Bean. All opinions are my own.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 3 years as a parent, it’s this: When something works well for your child, hold on and never let go.

Oliver has always been my wild card. Just when I think I have him all figured out, he changes his preferences and I have to start at square one. One thing has always remained constant in his life though: his need for a sleep sack.

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How to Recover From Your Summer Adventures featured by popular Denver life and style blogger, All Things Lovely

How to Recover From Your Summer Adventures

We were really active this Summer. I’ve mentioned a few times that when Kurtis got a new job that allowed him weekends off, we decided we needed to take advantage of his freed up schedule and do more. I had also been suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety, and getting out of the house really seemed to help me.

We did a cabin weekend, we rode ATVs, we hiked, we biked, we worked out, gone to the zoo, gone to baseball games, we took the kids to the park almost daily, we went on family walks in the evening, we went to the pool, the splash pad, and more! I loved getting out of the house for our summer adventures and being active. It helped me with my fitness goals and eased my anxiety all at once.

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The Importance of Extended Rear Facing with Chicco featured by popular Denver mom blogger, All Things Lovely

The Importance of Extended Rear Facing with Chicco

This conversation on extended rear facing is sponsored by Chicco. All opinions are my own.

Extended rear facing is something I’ve been passionate about since I first became a mother. I was diligent about car seat safety. I researched it myself to the best of my ability and sought the advice of our pediatrician. One of the things I was fortunate enough to be educated on was extended rear facing, but not everyone is so lucky.

Did you know the law in Colorado only requires children to ride rear-facing in the car until they’re 1? But the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) actually recommends you keep them rear-facing until they’re 2…if not longer! The fact of the matter is that your children are so much safer rear-facing and almost all car seats on the market today support extended rear facing. So why doesn’t everyone do it?

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hidden crown hair extensions featured by popular Denver life and style blogger, All Things Lovely

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions – Maintenance and Your Questions Answered!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve been using hair extensions for over a year now- and I’ve stayed loyal to Hidden Crown! Hidden Crown Hair makes using hair extensions so easy- without have to commit to long hair all the time. I love that they can put in and taken out in a matter of minutes, they’re incredibly easy to style, and even easier to maintain!

The best thing about Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is how long they last. Your Hidden Crown Hair will last you 12-18 months as long as you care for them properly! More permanent style extensions require much more maintenance, and therefore- a lot more money. They need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks and the hair replaced every 6-12 weeks. This requires you not only to pay your stylists every time they need to be moved up, but you also have to purchase all new hair every few weeks as well, costing you thousands of dollars per year in the long run.

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OshKosh B'Gosh Back to School Outfits featured by popular Denver style blogger, All Things Lovely

Back to School Outfits with OshKosh B’Gosh

This back to school outfits post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I can’t believe my oldest baby is 3! We’ve been toying with the idea of enrolling him in preschool starting in September. As much as it would break my heart, I know he would thrive in a school setting. He loves interacting with other kids his age and soaks up knowledge like a sponge. It’s going to be extremely part time, only 1 day a week to start but I still get so anxious thinking about it. How is he already old enough for school? Where does the time go?

As Fall and Back to School quickly approaches, I knew the kids would need some new clothes! One of the bummers about having kids is that your first born basically needs a completely new wardrobe, every season for the first 4 or 5 years of their life. They’re growing so quickly, nothing from the previous year still fits! In this instance, I thank my lucky stars that I have 2 boys so Oliver can always wear hand me downs and I won’t have to worry about it with him!

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