Double Strolling with Chicco’s BravoFor2 and Fit2 Infant and Toddler Car Seat

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One of the few things I really needed for my second baby was a double stroller. The problem was, I hated all of them. Just the thought of having a huge, bulky stoller in my backseat stressed me out. Having to lug it in and out and add and take away the seats based on their ages, etc etc. A double stroller just sounded like WORK.

But then, I met the BravoFor2.


If you’ve been reading All Things Lovely for a while, you know we love and trust Chicco products in our house! Check out the NextFit Zip car seat we use for Sawyer here, and the Polly Progress5 highchair here.

Traveling with an infant is hard. Traveling with an infant and a toddler is darn near impossible. And I’m not just talking traveling out of state or country, I’m talking just traveling to the local mall.

It could not be more difficult. Between getting both kids ready to leave the house (easily a 2 hour task), packing the diaper bag with all the essentials for while we’re away, putting their shoes on, buckling them into car seat (another 2 hours, easy), I’m always sweating and frustrated by the time we’re actually out the door. When traveling with my children in tow, I need as much convenience as possible.

The BravoFor2 is one of my favorite items we got when Oliver was born. It is long, instead of wide which makes it much easier to navigate. When I first thought “double stroller”, I thought of a super wide one, with 2 big seats right next to each other and that was I not what I wanted. They just seem so much harder to navigate because they take up so much space!

The BravoFor2 offers a seat in the front, a seat in the back, a standing option, and an infant seat option. The combinations are endless!

I can have Oliver in the infant seat with Sawyer in the backseat. Or Oliver in the infant seat and Sawyer standing. Or Sawyer in the front seat while I wear Oliver in a wrap, sling, or carrier. And once Oliver’s big enough to sit on his own, I can have Oliver in the front seat and Sawyer in the back sitting or standing. I’m not exaggerating when I say there are just so many options! We can continue to use this stroller in so many different ways as the boys grow older and have different needs and I love that.

The back seat flips up for easy access to the storage basket.

And the storage basket is big! Big enough for Oliver’s oxygen tank plus my diaper bag. As a preemie Mama, having somewhere to set that tank down is absolutely essential.

It has 2 cup holders, perfect for a drink for me and a sippy cup for Sawyer.

It also includes a storage compartment in between the cup holders which is, oddly enough, my very favorite feature. I can easily slide in my phone, sunglasses, and a binky for easy access. It’s also perfect for holding a bottle. (The cup holders are too big for a bottle, and they tend to topple out. Storage compartment to the rescue!)

The front seat includes a 5 point harness, adjustable canopy, and detachable tray.

The back seat includes a 3 point harness and can easily fold away when you’re not using it.

The BravoFor2 is compatible with all KeyFit, KeyFit30, and Fit2 infant seats. We have the Fit2 infant and toddler seat and we looooove it.

The Fit2 infant and toddler seat is unique because your baby can use it rear facing from ages 0-2. Typically, you would buy an infant seat that only lasts a year or so, then switch to a convertible car seat somewhere around their first birthday. The Fit2 saves you the trouble of having to buy 2 expensive car seats within just one year, by offering the Fit2. The Fit2 adjusts to a toddler seat once your baby is big enough, and can therefore be used for another year. Not only does this save you money, but it can keep your child rear facing until at least their second birthday (but rear face them even longer if possible), which keeps them much much safer!

Oh, and you can fold up the stroller with one hand.

I’m serious, folding it up is SO easy and takes approximately 5 seconds. Once folded, it is kind of  heavy but I can still lift it into the car alone.

This stroller and the Fit2 Car Seat is a great investment if you have multiple children. I love that the stroller will grow with our family and we can use it for years to come! It makes traveling with an infant so much easier, I’m so glad we have this stroller on hand.

Shop the BravoFor2 HERE. And the Fit2 Infant and Toddler seat HERE. And be sure to check out Chicco for all your children’s needs:

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