Registering for Baby #2

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There’s a lot of negative stigma about having a shower or registering for a second baby. Especially if you’re having a second baby of the same gender. And while there are a lot of things I don’t need this time around, there are a few things that I do!

I don’t need any clothes really, or a crib, toys, a changing table, bibs, a carrier, shoes, burp cloths, car seats, etc. All the stuff I got with Sawyer is less than 2 years old and perfectly reusable. But going from 1 child to 2 is no easy feat. There are definitely still some things I need, important things!

A Double Stroller- 2 kids means I’ll need a double stroller at some point, and they don’t come cheap! Adding something like this to a registry enables a loving friend or family member to bless you with it, or give you gift cards to put towards it. Everything helps, right?

Pack N’ Play- For a while we might need 2 pack n’ plays simply for travel purposes. We traveled a lot with Sawyer in the last 2 years and brought that pack n’ play with us everywhere. Since most hotel rooms don’t supply toddler-sized beds with guard rails, we’ll probably continue to bring the pack n’ play along for him for another year or so. That means we may require a second one for the second baby!

Breast Pump- Mine fell off the top of our refrigerator right around the time I stopped nursing Sawyer (luckily). It’s totally broken, so I’ll need a new one!

Monitor- Our monitor also recently broke. Sawyer is old enough now that it’s not completely necessary anymore. But once the new baby comes, we’ll need another one.

Pampers- We love Pampers! Diapers is such a great gift to give a new mom. She can seriously never have too many. Seriously. We got so many diapers when Sawyer was born, I don’t think we paid out of pocket for diapers until he was 3 months old, which was amazing. Diapers is an expense you have to get used to once you have kids, and having some already on hand to ease that financial burden is such a blessing to new parents. Be sure to have multiple sizes on your registry! Some babies are born already needing a size 1, while other babies will be in newborn for months.

I’m sure there are a few other things I’ll think of to add to my registry as time passes, but at the end of the day, I do have most of the things I need and my registry this time around will be much shorter. However, a registry to baby #2 is still sometimes necessary and you should never shame a mom for making one!