Family Vacation 2017 Recap

I’m still definitely in post-vacation funk. I haven’t fully unpacked, the house is a total mess, and I still feel exhausted from our red eye flight home. But our vacation was so amazing. 8 days of family time was just what we needed.

We go visit my grandparents in San Diego once or twice a year. It seems repetitive but it’s our favorite way to spend a vacation. We have a Southwest card and usually have enough points to cover at least one way, plus flights to SD are usually inexpensive so the other way doesn’t break the bank.

My grandparents have a beautiful house in Santa Luz with plenty of room for all of us, and a super fun pool out back. So, tickets usually don’t cost us much, and we have a free place to stay so we can usually do a full family vacation without spending too much money!

I’m very close with my family so seeing my Grammy and Boppa a few times a year is good for my soul. It’s hard living so far away from them.

One of my cousins was getting married, Kurtis had some vacation time saved up, and we had been wanting to do something fun with Sawyer while he was still an only child, so we decided to hit up Disneyland and make a whole trip of it!

We spent a few days relaxing and hanging by the pool swimming and tanning. Sawyer loves the water, it was hard to keep him away from it!

I got this adorable maternity swimsuit from Kortni Jeane and absolutely loved it! It was super comfortable and flattering. I felt amazing in it!

I have a normal Kortni Jeane suit from last fall (and Sawyer has a matching one!), that I love so I knew when it was time to get a maternity suit, I had to go with Kortni Jeane! (Check out my regular suit here)

I’m wearing the Swing Top and Maternity Bottoms.

We also spent a few days at the beach! My husband loves the beach and insists we spend a few days every vacation on the water. We spent one day at Del Mar City Beach (my favorite), and one day at Pacific Beach (his favorite), where we also get to visit his Aunt Betty.

Water bottle c/o Mira Brands. Bag c/o Kiki Lu Designs.

One night, we drove down to Temecula to have dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and some of my cousins on my Dad’s side. We had Olive Garden and got to catch up. It was delicious and so fun.

We got to visit both Disneyland and Sea World while we were there, and had a blast! I’ll be doing separate posts on both these visits within the next week, be on the lookout for them!

I got to eat some of my favorite foods and spend tons of time relaxing. It was so good for my husband to get away from the stresses of work for a while, and for us to spend every day as a family. I can’t wait to go back!

Why can’t we be on vacation all the time?