The Perfect Coffee for Those Who Hate Coffee


My name is Katie Brown and I’ve always hated the taste of coffee.


Even as an adult, I still hate the taste of coffee. It’s so bitter and strong and awful.

But…I need coffee. I have 2 small children. One of whom is only 8 months old and does not yet sleep all the way through the night. I work from home full time and try to keep up on housework, laundry, entertaining my children, running errands, and attempting to keep myself in shape. I’m exhausted. All the time.

I need coffee.

I spent years trying to figure out how I could drink it or what would make it taste good. I needed the caffeine, I just had to figure out a way to make myself drink it and enjoy it.  Typically if it was super sugared up and sweet tasting, I didn’t mind it, but then that made it high in calories and fat and sugar and I didn’t want that every day either!

I had to find the perfect creamer. Luckily, there are now options.

First of all, if you don’t like coffee but need coffee, drink it iced. I find the ice alone makes it taste much less bitter which makes it a little easier to swallow. You can either cold brew your coffee, or find a machine that can make it iced! We have one and it’s a lifesaver. I know it seems weird to drink iced coffee every day in February but it honestly tastes so much better to me!

I also found Left Field Farms Creamer! Left Field Farms Creamer is tasty. They offer 3 flavors, Vanilla, Caramel, and Sweet and Creamy. I like the Caramel one as it makes it nice and sweet.

However, Left Field Farms is also Non-GMO Project Verified, contains no artificial flavors, and is made with real cream and sugar. It’s also only 30 calories and 5 grams of sugar per serving! So I can have my nice and sweet coffee without it throwing off my goals. It’s awesome!

So now, I can have the caffeine I need to make it through the day and actually enjoy the taste. You can find creamer at –  Left Field Farms  at your local WalMart be sure to check it out!

How do you like your coffee?