Staying Motivated Through February

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I hate new year’s resolutions. I hate them.

But yet, January comes and I feel so inexplicably…motivated. It’s more than just New Year’s. It’s that the Holidays have just ended and it offers an opportunity. An opportunity to start eating better after the Turkey Dinners and the peanut butter balls. It’s a chance to clean and reorganize your house because you’re packing up all the Christmas decor anyways. It’s a chance to get back on a strict schedule because your days are no longer filled with shopping trips, cookie baking, shows, and holiday parties.

It’s not a fresh start because it’s suddenly January. It’s a fresh start because life gets back to normal. And what better time to reevaluate and reorganize?

So, January always feels new, refreshing, and motivating. I always get a ton of stuff done. I always get organized. I always start working out again. I always start eating better. And, it’s great, but how do I keep it going through the rest of the year?

I’m a visual person, and the best way for me to reach my goals is to write them down. Start Planner helps me do that.

Start Planner is so much more than just a daily planner. Start Planner helps you prioritize your goals and gives you the tools to reach them. There is a goals tab at the beginning of the planner that starts off by asking you about the Big Picture. What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Then, there’s a space for your to create a vision board so you can visualize everything you want to achieve. Then, it has to break down your lifetime goals to just what you want to accomplish this year. Goals for your home life, personal, spiritual, financial, professional, education, and travel. Then it has you specify your 6 yearly goals with who is going to help you get there, the end date, and the 4 action steps to make it happen.

Then, at the beginning of each month, It asks you to make 3 mini goals, and 3 action steps to help you achieve them. The beginning of every month also gives you a health check, a punch list, a checklist for any cards and gifts you need to buy for any birthdays, anniversaries, or showers happening that month, and a budget planner for the month.

You day is broken down into 3 sections. A priorities box where you can list your 3 biggest priorities of the day, plus one self-care priority (I love that), a schedule from 6am to 9pm where you can time block your day or list any to-dos and appointments, and a to-do list. There is also an H2O counter to make sure you’re drinking 8 glasses of water per day, a space to schedule a workout, plan your meals, track your caloric intake, track any spending on eating out, and write down any ideas of inspiration.

It’s awesome.

It’s truly life changing. I’ve been sticking to using it every day and I truly feel that it has made my life more organized and I’m getting more done during the day.

I used this planner last year and loved it then, but there are a few changes this year that make it even better. I love the option for a self-care priority. Self-care is so important and so many women forget about it. By prioritizing time to do something as simple as paint my nails it reminds me to take time for myself. After the kids are asleep and after my work is done, time for me.

It helps you to plan your entire year as well with spots for Vacation Planning, Holiday Planning, Budgeting, Medical Expenses and Home Projects.

If you’re looking to stay motivated throughout February and the WHOLE year, you need a Start Planner. And lucky for you, I’m giving one away! Stay tuned.

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