Operation: Get Dressed

Hello all!

Today, I’m talking about something near and dear to my heart…getting dressed.

I know, that sounds odd. But there are so many moms out there who don’t get dressed anymore! And I mean really get dressed. And you should! You are beautiful and you deserve to put on cute clothes and feel good about yourself!

I was inspired to write this post when I overheard something at a party a few weeks ago. We were talking about fashion and I brought up my cousin’s new LuLaRoe business and how she had the cutest skirts, dresses, etc. and I was lusting over all of it! A woman spoke up and said “Yeah, I would love to wear cute skirts and dresses, but I have 2 kids, where would I wear a skirt?”

And it broke my heart.

Because the answer to that questions is this: wherever the heck you want.

Seriously! You deserve to feel cute! Wear a skirt to get your oil changed. Wear a skirt to drop your kids off a school. Wear a skirt even if you’re not leaving the house. Wear a skirt whenever the heck you want.

And on a day where you don’t have much going on, maybe a skirt isn’t the best option. For me personally on days when I’m not leaving the house, or I’m only going to the grocery store, I’m more inclined to wear some comfy leggings and a cute top. But I still get dressed and feel cute!

Like I stated above, my cousin recently became a LuLaRoe consultant. I’ve been getting a lot of clothes from her that are comfortable, modest, and cute! I’ve been featuring them on my Instagram a lot!

I partnered with ThredUP for my Friday Favorites this week, aaaannnndd then it snowed. And so I couldn’t take pictures outside (like I had planned) of the adorable pieces I got from them. But I wanted to be true to my word and still feature them on April 1st like I said I would! So, I made a video. And I apologize in advance, because, I’m definitely more of  a writer, ha! But, I figured a video was the best way to show you guys all the wonderful clothes, even though I couldn’t post pictures. I’m also showing off my LuLaRoe haul, some of my favorite accessories, and explaining how I struggled with accepting and dressing my body after having a baby. And I will be taking pictures in my ThredUP haul next week when the weather is better and posting about them again! So stayed tuned for the full review on ThredUp, and for now, enjoy the video!



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