Make the Most of Your Mornings



Ah, mornings.

Often the most hectic part of my day, but also sometimes the best. If I’m up before the rest of the house (usually the case), I get a few quiet minutes to myself to relax and plan my day.

Getting up a little earlier the past few months has really changed a lot for me. I’ve found that it’s great to get some quiet time to myself first thing, and by tackling the day an hour or 2 earlier, I’m actually getting a lot more done. It’s amazing what you’ll have time for if you start your day at 7 instead of 9! Here’s a few things I do to make the most of my mornings:

Drink Your Coffee Hot (or Cold)!

I typically start my morning by getting up and brushing my teeth, once I enter the world, my first stop is to our coffee bar. My life includes a lot of restless nights so I need that caffeine to survive. I’m a weirdo who only drinks iced coffee no matter how cold it is outside (it tastes so much better!), but most of my friends and colleagues drink hot coffee and they have one complaint…they get so busy throughout their morning that the coffee gets cold and they find themselves reheating it again and again before they finally finish a cup. I like to actually sit down with my coffee and stay there until I finish it. Drinking a few sips here and there over the course of a few hours will not get me the amount of caffeine I need, I have to drink it all at once!

Have Some Quiet Time

Whatever that means to you. Some people like to start the day with positive affirmations, yoga poses, reading a good book or the newspaper. I like to spend a few quiet minutes reading my bible and doing a devotional. This really helps me to start my day encouraged and on a positive note.

Plan Your Day!

As I’m drinking my coffee I like to bust out my planner and plan the day ahead. I fill in and time block my schedule with what I’m going to do when. When I’m going to work, exercise, run errands, do the housework, etc. It’s all planned down to the hour so I can maximize my day. I also start on a to do list to keep running throughout the day so I don’t forget what needs to be done!

Eat a HOT Breakfast

There was a time in my life where I didn’t eat breakfast. I wasn’t that hungry when I woke up and I was usually rushing to get out the door to work or school that it seemed like an easy thing to skip. Because of this I had low energy and had a hard time concentrating on tasks. Plus I would often drink tea or coffee and the caffeine on an empty stomach made me feel sick and shaky. Depriving your body of what it needs is never good. Once you’ve woken up, your body has already been fasting for 8+ hours, and your blood sugar is low. Your body needs to replenish it in order to make your muscles and brain function.

We usually pick up the house and do the dishes before going to bed at night. Because of this, I don’t like making a big mess with breakfast first thing in the morning. I need something fast, easy, protein packed, and with minimal cleanup. We love Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® from Walmart for our busy mornings. You can find them in the refrigerated aisle. They are packed with protein (22-23g), made with 2 real eggs, meat, and cheeses. They are warm and filling and take just a few minutes to prepare.

They taste delicious and are only 300-310 calories! I pop them in the microwave and they are hot and ready by the time my coffee is finished brewing. They taste really really good! So far, the Meat Lovers flavor is my favorite.

They’re pretty simple to make! You add the pre-beaten eggs to the cup and microwave for 45 seconds, then, stir in the meat and cheeses and microwave for another 45 seconds and then a hot breakfast is at your fingertips.

Check out how Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® can easily be made on busy mornings here:

My mornings can often be hectic, but I love making sure to have a little time to myself before the busyness.

How do you make the most of your mornings? You can set yourself up for success by taking time to yourself and eating a nice hot breakfast!