Hey Mama, You Deserve a Little Something

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Moms work harder and give up more than anyone else. The nights of no sleep, all the poopy diapers, the frustration, and the incredible moments all make up the whirlwind that is Motherhood. It’s hard.

So hard. 

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Some days, I feel defeated. Like there’s no way I’m giving him my best and I shouldn’t feel frustrated. I don’t want to let him down. The feeling of having to ensure that he has the best possible life is absolutely overwhelming. And yet, it’s still what I want most in this world.

I feel guilty when we go with a cheaper brand of diapers because we’re trying to save money. I feel guilty when I don’t have time to make him food from scratch and hand him a store bought pouch. I feel guilty when I leave him to go to a shift a work. I felt guilty when he self-weaned and I wasn’t producing enough while pumping and we had to switch to formula. I feel guilty when I miss bedtime. I feel guilty when I get frustrated.

And mama guilt is the worst guilt of all.

But you know what? He lights up when I walk into the room. He’ll never remember what type of diapers we used or the food we fed him. He is so loved. And his Daddy and I work hard to provide for him. We’re doing the best we can and he’s doing just fine.

And to all my fellow Mama’s out there, you deserve a little something. Something for surviving birth. For overcoming postpartum depression. For breastfeeding all those months. For formula feeding. For crying in the shower. For being pooped on. For the lack of sleep.

You deserve to think about you. 

This is my first Mother’s Day. And I have so much to celebrate. Carrying Sawyer and giving birth to him literally almost killed me. Breastfeeding was hard but I did it for 9 months. I spent hours pumping at work and after he was asleep. I cried most nights. I cried leaving him to go to work. I cried every time I stepped on the scale. I lost sleep over worry of SIDS. I have a scar that will forever be with me. But I am here, I am strong, I survived, and I am better because of it. I am forever thankful to The Lord that this year, I became a Mother.

I was so excited to work with REEDS Jewelers and treat myself. I know I truly deserved something pretty to make me smile. I have had my eye on a nice watch from Michael Kors for awhile now, and now it’s mine!


I’m obsessed.

DSC_0271 DSC_0280

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And, to celebrate my first Mother’s Day as Sawyer’s Mom, Kurtis and I picked out a beautiful ring with his birthstone, Alexandrite.


I love looking down at it and remembering. His birth stone brings so much joy and pain. Remembering June 2015 is hard. It both haunts me and elates me. It was the month I got horribly sick. It was the month I had emergency surgery. It was the month preeclampsia almost won. But it’s also the month I met my son. The month I became a mother. The month I learned the true meaning of joy and love.

Sawyer is the best gift I’ve ever received.


But a litte jewelry never hurt 🙂

So Mama’s, do me a favor this Mother’s Day and do something for yourself. In fact, do something for yourself even when it’s not Mother’s Day. You deserve a break. You deserve a treat. You deserve the World, but maybe some chocolate cake will do.

Get a pedicure, buy that new skirt you’ve been eyeing, put on some lipstick, go out for a nice dinner.

Have a break. 

Your children are everything but you are still important.