Gender Reveal!

Baby Brown #2 is a….








I’m a little shocked to be honest. Of course, I knew there was a 50% chance it would be a boy, ha, but for some reason every time I referred to or prayed for the baby, in my head it was always a “she”. Granted, I always corrected myself after “I mean, it!”, but “she” was always my first response, I don’t know why!

But, I also didn’t want to get my hopes up one way or another so, in that sense, I thought it might be a boy. Does that even make sense?

Part of me really wanted a boy because if it was a girl my husband wanted to be done. But since it’s a boy he’s open to trying for a 3rd (but not fully convinced). I’ve always wanted 3 kids so that had me hoping for another boy! Nothing is set in stone. Preeclampsia could still prevent us from having more, or maybe I’ll find 2 is really hard and I’ll want to be done! So we’ll see. But I’m very, very happy to have another little mister on the way.

We knew we wanted to do something unique to announce the gender. Megan from Bloom Portraits reached out to me about a new service they were offering, GIF sessions. We thought that was so cool and unique we had to take her up on it! Everyone does cute pictures or videos, but we didn’t know anyone who had done a GIF!

As soon as my anatomy scan was over, we heading straight down to Bloom Portraits to make our GIF. They have the most adorable studio with great lighting in The Highlands in downtown Denver. They also offer custom framing on site! Megan was so great working with us and keeping Sawyer occupied. We decided to announce with colored powder. We got some pink and blue powder on Amazon. Super easy! We figured one of us would hold pink and one of us would hold blue, and whatever the gender ended up being, we would blow that powder into the camera.

Since Kurtis got to do the bubble popping in our last gender reveal (remember when we announced with Sawyer? Check it out here), we decided I would get to¬† blow the powder. It worked out so well and the session didn’t take us long at all. She was also kind enough to take some bump pictures for me which I can’t wait to see!

They had it edited and back to us within 2 days and then we were able to post! Everyone loved it! It has been viewed over 2,000 times on Instagram and over 900 times on Facebook. I loved being able to do something unique and different. Here’s the finished product:


We love it so much! Thanks so much to Bloom Portraits and Megan for partnering with us on this project. We’ll treasure it forever!

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