Friday Favorites- Latchy Catchy and ShanShar Fashion

Happy, happy Friday! I’m so excited because as soon as I’m done with work today, I’m on vacation! On Monday we leave for a week in San Diego and I’m so excited! Before I go, I have a few things to share with you!

Today’s Friday Favorites is my picks for Sawyer. One of the things is super cute and fun, and the other is super useful and makes being his Mom a little easier!

Latchy Catchy

How did I live before Latchy Catchy? I have no idea. As I mentioned in my Evoz Baby post, I am a paranoid parent. So, even though I have a video monitor with cry detection, I still go in and check on Sawyer throughout the night and during his naps. I’m a lot better than I used to be. I used to literally check on him 3-4 times a night. As in, I would wake up from my beauty sleep, get out of bed, walk down the hall, go in his room, check to make sure he was breathing, and go back to bed. 3-4 times a night. Now, I only do it once, before I go to sleep (we put him down 2-3 hours before we actually go to bed, so I check on him before I’m out for the night).


But he’s a light sleeper, like his Mama. He sleeps with a fan and a noise machine to drown out outside noises so he doesn’t wake up. Often, when I snuck in to check on him, I would wake him. And then either have to get him a bottle or rock him back to sleep, resulting in even less sleep for me.

How do I love thee, Latchy Catchy? Let me count the ways.



Latchy Catchy is so simple. Such a fantastic idea that makes you go “why did no one think of this before?!” It’s, to put it simply, a thick piece of fabric, that loops over the door knobs on both sides of a door, making opening and closing said door virtually silent.



Check on that baby all you want, paranoid mamas, Latchy Catchy has you covered.

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ShanShar Fashion

Back to school is in full swing and I know you’re looking for fun looks for your kids. ShanShar Fashion has the cutest and most unique stuff for your kiddos! While Sawyer is still a little young to fit into anything, we got one of their toddler backpacks, and a regular backpack for when he’s a little older.


Guys, they’re adorable! If you’ve never seen a 1 year old carry a backpack, you are in for a treat…


How cute is this??!


The backpacks are so cute, they’re durable, and high quality. We’re planning on having Sawyer take it on our trip next week so he can have a special toy and snacks on the plane. It’s gonna be so cute!


ShanShar Fashion has clothing for boys and girls, backpacks, tablet bags, lunch bags, pencil cases, hats, headbands, and more! Everything you need to shop for unique clothing for your little one. Definitely check them out!

And you can use code “SS10” at checkout for 10% off your purchase at

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