Free Things to do with Your Kids when it’s Hot!

Everyone keeps posting about how “summer is over” and “fall is around the corner!”



It is still 90 degrees outside, and therefore, still summer. In fact, August is probably the hottest month of all! Fall doesn’t actually begin until the end of September. That’s over 6 weeks away. We have time people! Just because school is starting does not mean summer is over. I’m a summer-lover and all the fall posts are making me so sad.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still sweating like crazy over here, so I’ll keep saying it’s summer. I love pumpkin spice lattes as much as the next girl, but I like pool days more! So, since it’s actually hotter than ever outside, here are some tips to cool down with your kiddos, for free!

Find Your Local Splash Pad


We only recently got a splash pad in our town, just in time for me to have a toddler. Hooray! We’ve hit up our local splash pad 3 times already and Sawyer loves it! And since he still needs Mama close, it means I get to cool down too.


Visit Your Local Library

Hello, free air conditioning. Most libraries have summer reading programs and play rooms. Perfect for beating the heat for a few hours. We love taking Sawyer to the story time in the mornings and then staying to play for a while in their play area. He loves the lego table! He gets to be entertained while I sit in the cool air with a book or magazine and an iced coffee. It’s really the perfect way to spend a hot summer morning.



Go Shopping

Nothing says beating the heat like taking a trip to Target or the mall and mooching off their air conditioning. Our mall has an awesome play area for kids and Sawyer loves the Disney and Lego stores! It’s fun for you and your kiddos and it gets you out of the heat!

mall pic

Beach Day!

Yes, it’s hot at the beach. But when you actually get in the water it feels so good! Heading to the beach or the lake near you is a great way to spend the day cooling off. Granted for this to work, you have to actually get in the water! Swim! Paddboard! Surf! You’ll have more fun engaging and playing with their children anyways. No one has fond memories of sweating to death on a hot beach. Get in the water!




My number one piece of advice for beating the heat without spending money is this: befriend people who have pools. Seriously.

Good luck beating the heat this August! I’ve found I sweat a lot more since Sawyer learned how to walk. Give me all the A/C. Pray for me.