Celebrate Every Stage of Motherhood this Mother’s Day

Motherhood is hard no matter what stage you’re in. Whether it be pregnancy, newborn, infant, toddler, elementary, or teenager, being a parent is incredibly difficult. As parents, we give everything we have. And as children, we are selfish.

I never realized just how much my mother did for me until I became a mother myself, and saw how much I was willing to do for Sawyer. As children we take and take, and as parents we give and give. As a daughter, I had no idea what my parents did for me. All they sacrificed. All the hard work they put in to ensure I was safe and fed and healthy.

As a Mother, now I know.

When I think back on all my Mother did for me growing up, and how selfish and ungrateful I was, I feel ashamed. And when I think about everything I do for Sawyer that he’ll never realize, I feel sad. But such is the way of life. Parenting can feel like a one way street.

Although as children, we are often selfish and ungrateful, our parents still get their rewards for raising us. One day, I’ll get to see Sawyer learn to drive, graduate high school, find a job, get married, and have children of his own. That will be well worth all the years of diapers, tantrums, and sleepless nights. I already know, raising him is going to be the best thing I’ll ever do.

But it’s also going to be the hardest, I have already sacrificed so much and I will continue to sacrifice to ensure he has the best life possible. I know my Mother did that for me, and her Mother before her. My Mother makes sacrifices for Sawyer as well. She helps Kurtis and I to ensure he has a good life. Her Mother did that my whole life for me and my siblings as well.

And that’s why this Mother’s day we should celebrate Motherhood at every stage. It doesn’t stop once your children grow up, and it doesn’t start once your baby is born. Motherhood lasts from conception until death. And from the second you become a Mother, you are consistently sacrificing for your babies. Society is so quick to label Mother’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday.” And while that may be, I feel it’s absolutely necessary to have a day to celebrate Mother’s. It would be inexcusable if we didn’t. Your Mother wiped your butt and gave up sleep for you, you can bring her breakfast in bed and treat her to some jewelry once a year!

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What are you doing for your Mom this Mother’s Day?



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