5 Ways to be the Best Pet Parent this Summer

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    5 Ways to be the Best Pet Parent this Summer!

    Since we live in Colorado, summer is really Bennett’s time to shine! He’s all cooped up in the house most of the winter. We walk him around the neighborhood every day that it’s not snowing, but it’s too cold to go on hikes or to the local dog park as much. Last summer, I was 8 months pregnant and then we had a newborn, so this summer we really want to try to make up for it.

    Bennett is a big part of our family and we love taking him along on our adventures! Here are 5 ways to be an awesome pet parent this summer:

    1. Find local hiking trails!

    We love taking Bennett hiking when the weather gets warm. You’ll definitely want to make sure that they’re dog friendly for your breed of dog. Bigger dogs might have trouble climbing through big rocks, and smaller dogs might get tired if the trail is too long. Definitely do a quick search about where you’re going before deciding if it’s a good trail for your pup. And be prepared! If you’re super hot, your dog probably is too! If you’re super thirsty, your dog probably is too! If you need a snack, your dog probably does too! We always pack a bag anyways with water bottles and snacks, so we make sure to throw in things for Bennett. Here’s what you should bring for your dog for a day in the heat:

    • A water bottle
    • A collapsable bowl
    • Food and treats
    • A spray bottle (for cooling down)

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    Chicken Parm Roll-Ups- Pinterest Win


    We see a lot of hilarious pinterest fails on the internet. A lot of the things on pinterest are crazy cool and creative and fun, but also hard to achieve for the average Joe. So, I wanted to start sharing my Pinterest wins! I use a lot of recipes and ideas from Pinterest, and while some of them are fails, I often have success! So today, I’m sharing a fun crescent roll recipes, that I tried and loved!

    This recipe is so easy and so yummy! I saw this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it! Honestly, I saw the pin on Pinterest and didn’t even open it up, I figured I could figure it out based on the picture, it seemed simple enough, and it was! (original pin found here) To make this, you only need 4 ingredients.

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    Mint Chocolate Strawberry Mini Pies- A Clean Treat!

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    Mint Chocolate Strawberry Mini Pies

    You guys know I love a good clean treat. Today, I’m sharing the ultimate clean treat with you! These mini pies are so delicious! They have minimal sugar, and are low in calories. You’ll want to eat them all day long. This is a delicious, refreshing dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about!

    I love summer. The days are longer, the air is warmer, and there’s so much more to do! I love to get together with friends or family for outdoor dinners and barbecues. There’s nothing like good food to bring people together. In the summer, I don’t want to spend tons of time in the kitchen. I want things that are quick, easy, and delicious so I can maximize my time with friends and family. I also want treats that aren’t going to undo all my hard work on my summer body!

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    Month 10


    How is this happening?

    When I look at Sawyer I see a little boy. Not a baby anymore. He’s grown so much just in the last month or two. You would never guess he used to have weight issues. He’s huge.

    He’s standing and cruising, taking assisted steps, crawling, talking, and playing all day. He and Bennett have become best of friends, it’s so fun to watch them play.


    He’s 20 lbs, 15 oz and 30 inches long. The doctor didn’t even mention the tests we never went back for and said everything looks great. We’re so glad to be out of the woods with weight issues! He eats a lot more table food now and I’ve stopped making purees every week. He’s not really interested in them! He would rather eat what we eat. He still gets pouches (we like Happybaby!) and baby snacks like puffs, teething biscuits, yogurt melts, etc.

    Photo Apr 28, 9 01 56 AM

    He still loves bath time, riding in the stroller, eating, Sesame Street, and playing with his toys. He’s starting to hate his car seat and car rides, being in his crib while awake, and still hates the wind. We survived his first road trip and plane ride and are well on the way with planning his first birthday party! He loves to smile for the camera, can say Dada, Mama, Nana (my mom), and light. He can wave bye bye and loves to scream at the top of his lungs. He’s looking more like his Daddy everyday. He has two teeth and working on a couple more!


    I celebrated my first Mother’s Day and had a great day with my boys. I’m sad that he no longer sits still long enough to snuggle, and self-weaned from nursing, but it’s also so fun to watch him learn new things and explore. I still rock him to sleep every night. He can put himself to sleep if I put him in his crib with a bottle, but I’m not ready to give up that time with him yet. I can’t believe in just about 6 weeks we;ll have a toddler!

    Photo Apr 27, 4 46 48 PM

    Photo May 09, 9 00 15 PM

    Photo May 04, 12 04 40 PM




    Hey Mama, You Deserve a Little Something


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    Moms work harder and give up more than anyone else. The nights of no sleep, all the poopy diapers, the frustration, and the incredible moments all make up the whirlwind that is Motherhood. It’s hard.

    So hard. 

    It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Some days, I feel defeated. Like there’s no way I’m giving him my best and I shouldn’t feel frustrated. I don’t want to let him down. The feeling of having to ensure that he has the best possible life is absolutely overwhelming. And yet, it’s still what I want most in this world.

    I feel guilty when we go with a cheaper brand of diapers because we’re trying to save money. I feel guilty when I don’t have time to make him food from scratch and hand him a store bought pouch. I feel guilty when I leave him to go to a shift a work. I felt guilty when he self-weaned and I wasn’t producing enough while pumping and we had to switch to formula. I feel guilty when I miss bedtime. I feel guilty when I get frustrated.

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    DIY Mother’s Day Photoshoot


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    Holidays don’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg! While I love to shop and buy gifts, sometimes Moms just want something sentimental. I know I do! And while I might be screwing myself by posting this (I hope my Mother and Mother-in-Law don’t read this post before Sunday), today I wanted to share my DIY gifts for my Mother and Mother-in-Law this year!

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    Get Baby’s Summer Wardrobe with Groupons Coupons

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    Lately, Sawyer has been growing…a lot. Like a crazy amount! Hardly any of his clothes fit! Luckily, thanks to my baby shower and hand me downs, we had enough clothes to last us through 12 months, and I can count on one hand how many times we spent our own money on clothes for him. However, that 12 month mark is quickly approaching! And while we have some things, we needed Summer clothes! All the Summer clothes we have a newborn sized, and that definitely isn’t gonna fly anymore!

    I always like to find the best deals and stay on budget. I’ve had the Groupon app on my phone forever. It’s my favorite place to shop. Life hack: Get all your Christmas presents on Groupon. Seriously. They have the best stuff, I’ve gotten my family’s Christmas gifts off Groupon for years and saved so much money! But I recently I discovered there was even more to Groupon.

    They have a coupon section! It’s a total game changer. Now, before I go out, I hop on Groupon’s Coupons and see if there are any deals offered at the store I’m headed to, and there almost always is! Best part? It’s totally free!

    So we obviously checked out Groupons Coupons before heading out to update Sawyer’s Summer wardrobe and we weren’t disappointed! We were headed to Carter’s  and lucked out with tons of great coupons! There were plenty of promo codes for online shopping as well as in store offers you could print off. We were able to get an extra 20% off our whole order!


    They had the cutest stuff for Summer! It was hard not to buy it all!



    We ended up getting him a pair of shorts and two outfits, thanks to Groupons Coupons, we saved so much money! Be sure to check Groupons Coupons before the next time you go shopping, you’ll find so many great deals and save a ton!


    And be sure to check out Groupons Coupons on Facebook and Twitter!

    How do you like to save money?