Snack Hard, Nap Hard


    We love to eat in our house. And sleep. Eating and sleeping are near and dear to our hearts. And we passed that on to Sawyer. He’s been a great sleeper since he was 6 weeks old. A few times a month he still has his off nights where he’s up all night, but 85% of the time he sleeps a solid 12 hours at night with a 2+ hour nap during the day!

    There are some tricks I’ve picked up for getting him to take god naps and sleep through the night. When he was younger, he was a horrible napper. And I mean horrible. He would only nap if I was holding him and as soon as I set him down, I was lucky if he would stay asleep for 20 minutes. Luckily, when he was around 9 months old, I finally got the hang of things, and now, he consistently naps for 2+ (sometimes even a full 3) hours! Here are my not-so-secrets:

    Use a noise machine

    Getting a noise machine was a complete game changer for getting him to nap well and sleep through the night. We got ours for like $14 on amazon and it does the trick just fine! In the summer, we also use a fan to keep him cool and the extra sound really blocks out any outside noises!

    Diffuse Lavender!

    For every nap and bedtime, we have lavender essential oil in the diffuser. Studies show that you sleep longer and more peacefully when you use lavender. We make sure to have it on hand for every sleep in our house!


    Use a ZipadeeZip

    You can read all about our experience with the ZipadeeZip here. We love ours! Basically, it helps your child transition out of the swaddle easier, by limiting their arm movements, so they can’t flail and wake themselves up. However, they still have full range of motion to be able to roll over, so it is completely safe for sleeping. We’ve been using them since he was 6 months old. I don’t know what we’ll do when he outgrows their biggest size!


    (I can’t believe he was ever this small!)

    Put them down full!

    We put Sawyer down for naptime right after lunch, and for bedtime right after dinner, with a sippy cup full of milk. He usually drifts off to sleep once he’s finished his milk and then he’s nice and full for a few hours and shouldn’t wake up due to hunger.


    Get a Latchy-Catchy

    You can read all about Latchy Catchy here, but it essentially makes opening and closing a door silent so you can check on your little one as much as you want and not wake them up!


    With these few easy tips, Sawyer has picked up some pretty great sleeping habits!

    And his eating habits are going pretty well too. He eats just about anything and loves pasta, sandwiches, yogurt, puffs, crackers, fruits, veggies, etc. I did, however, have some trouble getting him to eat meat, but I persisted and he will eat chicken now (phew). But I still worry about making sure he’s getting enough protein. I try to make sure his snacks are protein packed!


    Some of our favorite toddler snacks are from Gerber. We love their Lil’ Beanies! Lil’ Beanies are made with navy beans which provide lots of protein for your little one. They are also non-GMO, and have no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients. They come in 2 flavors, original, and cheddar and broccoli. Believe it or not, Sawyer actually likes the broccoli flavor best!



    These are great for keeping in the diaper bag or munching on during movie time. We get them at our local Target, Sawyer even reaches for them from the cart! He loves them. We give them to him at lunctime and snacktime to ensure he’s full and he’s getting some extra protein.





    Deal Alert! When you buy Lil’ Beanies at Target, get a $0.75 rebate with ibotta! Head here!



    How do you make sure your little one is sleeping and eating well? Comment below!


    Grove Collaborative September Box + Free Gift!


    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

    I haven’t updated Chemical Free in 2016 in a long time and wanted to check in with some awesome product swaps I’ve made!

    I recently discovered Grove Collaborative and I’m obsessed! They ship you chemical free and all-natural home and beauty products every month! And the prices are great! One thing that holds me back from buying the all natural alternative (I usually make my own), is that they can be much more expensive. But with Grove, I was really, really surprised! My order only came to about $25 (with shipping!) and I got 7 products! Here’s what I got this month:


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    Rock the Mom Car with Chicco NextFit Zip


    Mom’s. We’re on the go. Constantly.


    When I first had Sawyer I thought my little hatchback would be fine for 1, 2, or even 3 kids! After all, there were 3 seats in the back, so it was fine, right?

    It was not fine.

    Do you know what it’s like to have to hunch over to install a car seat? Do you even know?! To always make sure that the passenger seat is far enough forward that it’s not interfering with the car seat? To not have enough room for groceries? To not have enough room for the stroller?

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    Style Transition with Daydream Believer Boutique


    Hey all! It’s officially the first day of fall! So today, I’m sharing with you 2 fun finds from Daydream Believer Boutique and how they can be styled for fall or summer. Let’s start with a pretty summer dress!


    This dress is so simple and cute. It could easily be dressed up or down, accessorized with fun jewelry, or left by itself paired with sandals. It would look cute no matter how you styled it!

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    Navigating the Airport with a Baby


    We’ve been through a lot of airports with Sawyer. At that point, he’s a pretty well traveled baby (if you count going back and forth to the west coast 3 times a year well traveled). We’ve been through Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Deigo, Orange County, and Sacramento. That’s a lot of airports! And a lot of hours spent in airports.

    But navigating the airport with your little one doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. In fact, it can be kind of enjoyable (just don’t attempt to sprint to catch a flight while pushing a stroller, it ain’t gonna happen). I love everything about traveling. I love packing, I love carry-on bags, I love passports, I love printing boarding passes, I love airports, I love airport coffee, I love plane snacks, I love hotels, I love it all!

    But I hate stress. And sometimes, I just flat out refuse to have it. Traveling is such a happy thing! Hopefully you’re going somewhere fun and get a few days off from work and real life. Getting there shouldn’t be a drag. Here are my tips for making your trek through the airport with your little one a breeze.

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    Dressing your Toddler for Fall with Jennifer Ann Style


    Alright y’all, I am officially embracing fall. Now that our vacation is over, the recap has been posted, the pictures printed, the suitcases unpacked, I can finally accept that fall is here. We’ve even had a few chilly days and I’ve been putting out my fall decor! Last weekend, we hit up our local mall to find some fall pieces for Sawyer. Last year, he was 3 months old, and obviously, we can’t reuse anything so we’re in the market for a toddler fall wardrobe!

    That’s why I was excited when I found Jennifer Ann Style. As much as I love shopping at the local mall, it’s draining, and everything looks the same. Jennifer Ann can personalize your little one’s clothes for you and it’s adorable!


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    When My Breastfeeding Journey Ended


    My breastfeeding journey was far from easy. It didn’t go at all how I expected it to go and I stressed myself to the max trying to make it work for as long as I did. When Sawyer was born we had some trouble getting our breastfeeding journey started. It took him 3 days to learn how to latch, and even then we used a shield. I was happy to use it though, because I wanted to breastfeed. It was annoying but I was determined to do whatever it took.

    And I did. It was a long road, and it was anything but easy. But he was exclusively breast fed for a while! I went back to work when he was 2 months old and had to start pumping. We breastfed when I was home and he got a bottle of expressed milk when I was away. He was still strictly on breast milk. It wasn’t long after I started back at work that I noticed a decline in my supply. When I nursed him I could hear him gulping away but when I pumped I could only get a few ounces. I just didn’t respond to the pump well, and not for lack of trying. I tried different settings, different valves, and even a different pump. I tried Mother’s Milk tea and lactation cookies and pumping more frequently. At his 4 month check up his doctor told me he wasn’t on track for weight gain, and was only in the 5th percentile for weight. So, we starting going in every 2 weeks for weight checks. All the stress made my supply dip even more!

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