The Toddler Lunch Battle


Ah, toddlers and food. Yet another daily battle we face as parents: Getting your children to eat something.

It’s not for the faint of heart. Sometimes I have to go into lunchtime with my game face on. Knowing full well I could be spending the next hour pleading with my 2 year old to have a bite of applesauce. How are you supposed to get your kids nutrition when all they want is chicken nuggets and mac and cheese? I definitely don’t have it all figured out but I sure am trying!

I know for a fact Sawyer will eat 5 things: Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Mac n’ Cheese, Yogurt, Fruit and Berries, Hot Dogs, Quesadillas…and that’s pretty much it.

So since the majority of things he likes aren’t that great for him, I’ve tried to find healthier versions of everything he likes.

I’ve successfully found a brand of chicken nuggets that is made with whole grain breading, antibiotic free chicken, and it has a ton of vegetables pureed and snuck in with the chicken. He has NO idea and loves them. He eats these multiple times a week for lunch! This same brand also make Quesadilla meals with no preservatives. Mom win!

I also look for mac and cheese thats organic and has real ingredients and my local grocery store actually has a lot of options. Just make sure to read the labels and find the brands you trust, and lunch time can become a lot easier. Since he loves fruit I make sure to cut up and apple or orange and serve that with just about every meal because I know he’ll eat it!

Since he likes yogurt, I give him a lot of that too! Happy Family now makes whole milk yogurt cups and pouches for toddlers. They also make a version for babies, so now there is something on the shelves I can feed both Sawyer and Oliver and they both like it! It’s practically a miracle.

Happy Family yogurt cups and pouches are mindfully made with probiotics, contain no added sweeteners, are Non-GMO, USDA organic, and are made with real whole milk and contain plenty of Vitamin D!

HappyTot Yogurt cups and pouches are something I know my toddler will eat and is good for him! It can help take the stress out of lunchtime, and I know he’s filling his tummy with something good. We found it at our local Safeway- be sure to pick some up on this week’s shopping trip!

Head HERE for a coupon for $1 off any 2 Happy Family Yogurts!

How do you combat the lunchtime battle? Comment below!