Month 7


I can’t believe we’re over the hump of his first year! He’s closer to 1 now than he is to a newborn. However, he’s so much fun right now! I was joking with Kurtis the other day and asked “when we have a second one can it just come out at 6 months old?” It’s so fun to see him laugh and play and interact with us. The only downside is that he needs to be entertained pretty much all the time now, and that can be exhausting.

He’s starting to experience a bit of separation anxiety when I leave the room. Which is also exhausting, but sweet. He loves his daddy and is obsessed with our dog, Bennett. He things he is hilarious and wants to pet him all day long. He’s rolling everywhere, his favorite thing is too just lay on a blanket with some toys and just roll and play. He was pretty behind on his head control, finally got the hang of it around 5 months, and now he’s trying to sit up! He’s kind of behind on that too, but since he was born prematurely, we just let him hit milestones at his own pace. We think he’ll be there in another few weeks. He’s also trying to crawl!

2 nights ago he slept for 7.5 hours in his own room. We wanted to transition him to his own room at 6 months but since he was still up multiple times throughout the night, it was easier for me to have him in our room. When we got his Zipadee Zip around Christmas and he started sleeping better, we started slowly transitioning him. He always started out in his own room, but would usually wake up once or twice, and would end up in our bed. 2 nights ago was the first night he spent the whole night by himself in his room. Unfortunately, he didn’t follow suit last night, but we’ll get there.

He’s been “teething” since he was 3 months old but nothing has popped through. Lots of drool and crankiness, and chewing on everything he can find, and we can feel the tooth under his gums, but still nothing! It’s not uncommon for it to take a while, so we’ll just keep waiting!

He’s eating solids now and loves it. He could eat all day long and now nothing on our plates is safe. I still nurse 4-5 times a day (or he gets pumped milk when I’m at work), with a bottle of formula in between every feeding, and solids 3 times per day. It really feels like I’m constantly feeding him but it’s paying off because…

He’s gaining weight! He gained 1 lb 2 oz in just 2 weeks. His pediatrician was very impressed and relieved to know he just needed more calories and it wasn’t an underlying problem. I was relieved too! He weighs 14 lbs and 8 oz now I believe. Still behind other kids his age but at least we’re back on track.

He still love his mamaroo (although he’s almost too big for it), being worn, walks in the stroller, petting Bennett, baths, Sesame Street, bedtime stories, Sophie the Giraffe, eating bananas, and playing with his toys.

He hates peas, being left alone, Target (every time), drinking water, wearing hats and gloves, and falling asleep.

I better not blink, he’ll be 1 before I know it.