Month 11

Note: I wrote this before Sawyer’s first birthday but never published it! It escaped my mind until now and I figured I should get it published before I get his 12 month one up!

I’m pretty late in posting this, given that he will be one in less than a week (cue the tears), but here is Sawyer’s 11 month update!

At his last check up (9 months) he was 20lbs 15 oz and 30 inches long. I would assume he’s at least 22 lbs by now and that he’s grown about an inch. He’s huge!

Ever since he self-weaned and switched to formula he’s been growing like a weed! I’m so glad to have the weigh issues behind usĀ  and have my squishy chunky baby.

He loves Sesame Street. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, blocks, balls, stuffed animals, TV remotes, and cups. He’s so curious and loves to explore the world around him. He loves swimming and eating and playing at the park! We’ve taken him to the pool a few times since it opened and we have so much fun! He absolutely loves the water and we have so much fun playing with him.

We had his first birthday party a little early because we’re going to be out of town on his actual birthday and he KILLED IT with the cake smash, it was hilarious! He didn’t hold back at all he completely smashed the cake and was playing with it and throwing it around and he actually ate quite a lot of it!

He’s crawling like crazy. No signs of walking yet but he’ll get there. He loves to crawl around the house and can even climb the stairs (time to babyproof!). Bennett is still his best friend and they get even closer the more Sawyer is able to play and interact. It’s so fun to watch their relationship.

I can’t believe my baby is about to be 1. Here comes toddlerhood!

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