Beautiful Breakfasts – Avocado Toast and Greek Yogurt

I love breakfast. So much.


Ever since we got married, getting up and cooking breakfast has been one of my favorite things. Since I work 3 nights a week and Kurtis’ schedule is crazy, we sit down to breakfast together more often than we sit down to dinner together.

It’s so important for us to spend that time together. We get a chance to eat some yummy breakfast foods and talk and catch up with each other. As new parents with incredibly busy schedules, it’s so nice to take a few minutes in the morning to just be together.

Breakfast food is my favorite food. I don’t like eating the same thing over and over again, I like to switch it up! So I decided to start my Beautiful Breakfasts series!

It’s so important to eat breakfast. So many people run out the door without eating in the morning. I used to be one of them! But it’s so much better for you to eat something and get your metabolism going. And it should be something good for you!

Today I’m sharing avocado toast and Greek yogurt. If you haven’t jumped on the avocado toast train, do so immediately. It’s seriously so delicious. And a healthy fat like avocado is really good for you first thing in the morning. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

I like to make mine with sourdough or wheat because I’m a (recovering) carb-a-holic. If you want to make it a really healthy breakfast, try it with Ezekiel bread!


I suggest putting a little olive oil or coconut oil on the bread first. Then, add your mashes avocado and whatever seasonings and toppings you want. I like pepper, garlic powder, and a little red pepper.


Sunny side up egg





Mozzarella cheese

A piece of toast isn’t usually super filling for me so I like to pair it with something else. Today I had Greek yogurt with frozen berries and granola.


What’s your favorite way to eat avocado toast and/or Greek yogurt?


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