How Do I Love Thee, bObsweep? Let Me Count the Ways…

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We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of a new member of our family.


Or, more specifically, bObsweep. Bob is my best friend. My right hand man. I don’t know how I would live without him. And I know you probably think I’m being dramatic, but I’m really not! As a busy working at home mom, Bob has become essential to my housekeeping routine.


Keeping my house in order, is a priority of mine. No matter how much work I have to do that day, or how little sleep I got, I still want the house to be in order. I still want the dishes to be done, the floor to be swept, and the toys put away. My mind is a lot more at ease and I’m a lot less stressed when there aren’t chores hanging in the back of my mind.

I know it’s not that way for everyone. But for me, it’s there. I want things to be nice, I want things to be clean! As often as possible anyways.

But I’m busy. You guys I’m so busy, I could cry. I run my own business. A business that requires, writing, editing, photography, photo editing, emails, pitching brands, filling out applications, perfecting my social media, making my own graphics, and more. I also work outside the home a few days a week, and also a few days per week at home. It’s important to me that I eat well and exercise. Which means making time to work out and also cooking most of our meals from scratch. I have a 1 year old, a husband, and a dog, all whom need my constant care and attention. And on top of all of that, I really try my darndest to keep the house clean.

And you know what? It sucks.

Enter bObsweep. A robotic vacuum is one of those things that I always admired in department stores, and thought about how much easier it would make my life. But I was always discouraged by the price tag. It was always a “one day” purchase. Thanks to bObsweep, that day came sooner than I thought!


The day Bob arrived was probably one of the best days of my life. It was the day that marked the end of sweeping. Let me say that again. It was the day that marked the end of sweeping. I have not swept once since Bob arrived. Not. Once. The lower level of our house is all dark wood floors. Dark wood floors and a big dog do not mix. I don’t know what we were thinking when we picked dark wood over a lighter wood. The darker wood, unfortunately, shows everything. Every piece of lint, every strand of dog hair, every crumb, and more. Which means, I was sweeping every single day if not two or 3 times.


But now, Bob does all that for me. It’s SO EASY. Usually, I just pick up all the toys and other items that need to be put away, do the dishes, dust the furniture, then turn on Bob, and leave.

Just leave.

And 20 minutes later, when I come back, the floor is clean. And that’s it! It’s so amazing I could cry tears of joy. I don’t have to sweep anymore!

Our Bob in particular is the bObsweep PetHair. This really, really helps us with Bennett’s shedding. He sheds like crazy and I couldn’t keep up with just my broom. Our floors were constantly covered in hair. bObsweep PetHair is a little more heavy duty than the standard Bob model. It can take care of pet hair, litter, and even full pieces of kibble. It has an extra long brush so it is more capable of picking up that stubborn pet hair lying flat on the ground. It also holds more, so you have to empty it less. One use of bObsweep PetHair and your floors will look better than ever before!


bObsweep has some seriously amazing features. He comes with a remote so you can control his motions without even leaving the couch. You have the option to set him on “auto” where he just does his thing and cleans the whole floor. You can also set him in a specific area and push “spot” and he will spot clean right there. Or, you can control his movements manually with directional buttons. Bob can easily cross over from rugs to hardwood, and is able to detect and avoid furniture. You can also instruct him to clean along the edges of a room. But what has to be my favorite feature, is the charge button. Simply push the charge button, and Bob will put himself back on the charger. Seriously. You just push the button and then Bob will find his charger, all by himself, and dock himself on it. It’s incredible. You can clean your whole room from start to finish without ever getting up. Oh, and you can also program him to start sweeping on his own, at the same time every day, or while you’re out!



bObsweep has completely changed my housekeeping routine, and my life in general. I don’t know how I lived without him now. If Bob ever broke, I think I might be inconsolable. We actually call Bob, “Bob” and talk to him while he’s cleaning. Sawyer and Bennett both love to chase him around. Every time he’s cleaning, Sawyer is running and laughing and patting him.dsc_0732

Don’t be surprised if you see Bob on our Christmas card.

I’m not kidding.

Be sure to check out bObsweep!

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