What’s in your gym bag?

I’ve been obsessed with looking at posts like these on Pinterest.

I’m one of those people who is always prepared for literally anything. My husband and my friends give me a hard time for how much stuff I always carry with me at all times.

But you know what? Whenever Kurtis is hungry, I have a granola bar. And whenever one of my friends has a headache, I have ibuprofen. And if it’s raining, I always have an umbrella. And I like to remind people of this whenever they give me a hard time!

For my gym bag I use the Vera Bradley Sport Duffle (duh). As soon as it came out I wanted it. But for a while I was strictly working out at home so it wasn’t necessary and I wouldn’t let myself buy it. Now my workout routine is completely different!

I do lots of different things for my fitness routine. Now that I work for Orangetheory I have a free unlimited membership there, which is amazing. (To learn more about Orangetheory you can go here http://orangetheoryfitness.com/About-the-Workout/Our-Philosophy)

Orangetheory is hour long classes that are reservation based, and an Orangethoery class just doesn’t fit in my schedule some days, so I also have a punch card to my local Rec Center. I usually do Orangetheory 2-3 times a week and go to the Rec Center 2-3 times a week as well. I also do yoga here and there at Yoga on the Rocks and Ashva Yoga in downtown Castle Rock. And for those days when I don’t get home till 10pm, there’s still the treadmill in my basement and my trusty Tone It Up youtube videos!

So…what’s in my gym bag? Well, a lot. But I’m very prepared!


1. Blender Bottle and Blender Bottle Go-Stak!

These things are a life saver. I’ve been using Blender Botttles ever since I started getting into fitness 2 years ago and I love them. Just pour in your protein powder, add water and shake it up! Boom. Protein shake.

The Go-Stak is newer. Kurtis and I got them last month and we’re obsessed with them. They’re little jars that twist on top of each other to carry all your supplements with you. The coolest part is that it actually fits inside the Blender Bottle!

In my biggest jar I have one scoop of V-Core orange creamsicle protein power. In the next jar up I have electrolyte powder. The next jar up has Muscle Pharm Raspberry Lemonade pre-workout. And the smallest jar has Gatorade energy chews as well as amino acid supplements.

2. A towel and a small hairbrush

3. Cleansing facial wipes and extra socks

The cleansing wipes are a must for after a workout! I usually try to workout with little make-up on, but I wear a little bit of powder or foundation so as not to scare people. Sweat and make-up in your pores is a huge no-no so it’s great to wipe my face down and save myself the breakouts.

I keep an extra pair of socks permanently in my bag just in case I forget. So far I’ve never had to use them!

4. A headband, my Fitbit, and a snack.

Kurits and I bought Fitbits with our tax return money and we love them. A must for workouts. You can learn more about them here http://www.fitbit.com/flex

5. An armband for my phone and headphones.

It’s so annoying that women’s workout clothes don’t have pockets, so an armband is a must for listening to music.

Eos lip balm, a lock, ballet flats, and dry shampoo

The ballet flats are for when I teach dance classes or the studio at the gym is empty and I can play around a bit.

Dry shampoo is a MUST. Not even for the gym but for life in general. It’s great for when I’m heading straight to work or a meeting after my workout and don’t have time to shower.

Eos lip balm for obvious reasons, and a lock for a locker.

6. My Nalgene

Nalgene is the best water bottle I’ve ever had. It’s leak-resistant, and has literally never leaked on anything. It also holds 32 oz so once you drink 2 of them you know you’ve had enough water for the day!

7. A cosmetic bag


Inside the cosmetic bag I keep deodorant, perfume, an extra hair tie, bobby pins, extra make-up, shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo and conditioner is for when I need to shower after. Same with the extra make-up! I pack all this up in the cosmetic bag, and it stays permanently in my gym bag (I have a second set of everything so that I’m constantly packing and unpacking my gym bag).



The Sport Duffle is so roomy! It has 3 mesh pockets that I stick my armband, headphones, extra socks, etc. in. Everything else fits nicely inside and zips easily!

Pretty much everything stays inside my gym bag except for my Blender Bottle, Go-Stak, water bottle, and towel, which I take out to wash. This way I’m not constantly unpacking and repacking. I just throw in my wallet and keys, and go!


There’s also a small pocket in the front where I can easily slide my chapstick and my phone.

But the best part…


It has a slit for your yoga mat!



You can buy the Vera Bradley Sport Duffle here http://www.verabradley.com/product/sport-duffel/african-violet/1002110_198420.uts?fromSearch=1

(This pattern is currently 60% off!)

What do you keep in your gym bag?

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