Today was a blessed day

As is everyday! Today I spent the day with my friend Meredith. It’s funny how the simplest things, like a day spent running errands, can be so much more fun when spent with a friend!

So today is May 1st, and it looks like this outside


Happy May Day!


Ack! Snow in my eyes! 

I started the day out by sleeping in! Yay! Then I got up and got ready for the day and went to meet Meredith at Panera Bread! What I love about Panera is that they post the calorie count next to every menu item! More places should do that, it makes eating out so much easier for those who are health conscious. So I ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Yes, Caesar dressing typically has a lot of fat in it, but, another great thing about Panera is they let you choose to get a half order or a full order. Getting a half order cuts the calories AND the price in half. So with my half order of salad, my meal was only 220 calories. Not bad! I did let myself eat the side of bread because I’ve been really good about staying away from carbs lately. It was warm and delicious!image


Meredith had soup in a bread bowl. So nice for a snowy day 🙂

Then, we went tanning!


I find few things more relaxing than sitting in a tanning bed. I know what you’re thinking “Tanning beds give you skin cancer!” but you know what…so does the actual sun and we all still lay out in that! Plus, don’t worry, I don’t fake and bake that often it gets expensive! This is the first time I’ve gone in about a year!

Then we headed over to FroYo to pick up my paycheck. We also got some yogurt while we were there as a treat because I had some free credits stored up.

Plain tart with strawberries, blackberries, and some chocolate chips!
Working in a yogurt shop I can be the first to tell you, frozen yogurt has a lot of health benefits! It’s a great, healthy, dessert alternative…if you do it right! Frozen Yogurt itself is low in calorie count and low in fat. Obviously, some flavors are better for you than others. It’s the topping that will get you. When you load on a bunch of candy, cookies, and sauces, it obviously isn’t so great for you. But getting fruit, nuts, maybe a little chocolate chunks for sweetness, you’re good to go! 
Then, the best part of my day, shopping! We headed over to Target to shop for new make up! We also made a stop in the shoe department 🙂 I only needed a few things but I ALWAYS walk out of Target with way more than I intended to buy! I ended up with almost an entire set of new make-up…oops! But like I said, moving home has given me more hours at work and therefore more spendable money so, yay for shopping!
Now I’m about to go for a run and then head downtown for my sorority meeting! Happy Wednesday! 

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