The Lotion Company Giveaway!

I’ve been working with an awesome business, The Lotion Company! the Lotion Company offers all natural products made locally in Muncie, Indiana. 

Their lotion is made with these amazing 4 ingredients:

Aloe Vera

Vegetable-based Glycerin

Macadamia Nut Oil

Sesame Seed Oil

I love things that are all natural. I tend to be on the “crunchy” side so I like to know the ingredients of what I’m putting on or in my body. The Lotion Company’s has a complete list of ingredients for all of it’s products listed on it’s website so you know exactly what you are getting. 

They have tons of products as well. Milk Bottles, Ball Jars, 18 oz bottles, 2 oz bottles, Farmer’s Hands, and Lip Balm! And some really great fragrances including, Baby Powder, Brown Sugar, Dahlia Blossom, Free and Clear, Kiwi Mango, Lavender, Spring Cherry, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Bean, and Vanilla Musk. 

They also have options to make your own customized labels or do a fundraiser!

The Lotion Company was kind enough to send me a lavender scented Milk Bottle. I chose to sample lavender because I was 34 weeks pregnant when I received it, and was experiencing a seriously itching belly! Not only is the Milk Bottle adorable, but the lavender lotion was extremely soothing on my belly and stopped the itching for a few hours after I applied it. It was amazing! When it started itching again, I would apply more lotion for relief almost instantly. Now, I keep it above my sink to keep my hands soft after I was dishes. I would recommend it to everyone! 


I love it so much that I’m collaborating with The Lotion Company to give away 1 Milk Bottle and 6 assorted 2 oz bottles to 1 lucky winner! Head to my Instagram to enter!  


Enter here:

And if you’re interested in ordering products from The Lotion Company, you can do so at their website:

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