What’s your blog about?

Everything. Literally.

I’m not strictly a health and fitness blogger.

I’m not strictly a wedding blogger.

I’m not strictly a Disney blogger.

A newlywed blogger.

A food blogger.


My blog kind of started a little over a year ago. I had just made the HUGE decision to move back home after a year of living in a dorm in downtown Denver. And everyone was just so curious as to why (we all know how people on social media can be, they want to know your business even if they haven’t talked to you in 3 years. I’m guilty of it too).

“Did you get fired from your job?”

“Are you dropping out of school?”

“Why are you leaving?”

All valid concerns. I was tired of answering everyone’s questions about it so I thought ’if they really want to know so bad, I’ll just tell them.’ And so I logged on to my tumblr (which I had had for forever, but only used it for pictures), and wrote a post titled “Details on my year away and why I decided to move back.” I linked it to my facebook and the response was huge.

I got lots of likes and comments on the post so I decided to keep moving forward with it. I was right in the middle of my weight loss journey (that dorm food will really get ya), and people responded well to that.

Shortly after that I experienced great success with my weight loss, shortly after that I got engaged, and shortly after that I got married! Mix that with a couple of amazing trips to Disney Parks, becoming a wife at only 21, decorating my house, and finding my love of cooking, makes for the pretty interesting and diverse storyline that is All Things Lovely.

So here you’ll find a little bit of everything. It’s so great for me to document my life here. When I’m old and gray I hope I’m able to look back on this and smile. As a Pastor’s Kid I’m the target of a lot of social media stalking (and I’m not trying to sound conceited, that’s a real thing. Ask any PK ever), and I figured if people are really that interested in what’s going on with me, they can just come here and read all about it. I have nothing to hide here! I love having a blog, even if nobody ever read it, I would probably keep writing to have all these memories for myself later in life. I would highly suggest everyone do this 🙂


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