The Last Time

Today, I woke up in my own bed on Christmas morning for the last time.

I went downstairs and opened presents with my brother and sisters for the last time. 

I didn’t even really think of that until just now. I didn’t savor it this morning, I wish I had. But I’m not sad. I had an extremely happy childhood. Growing up, I always had the most wonderful Christmases. There’s no reason to be anything but happy over the life I’ve had, and no reason to be anything but excited about the life I am about to begin. Although I can’t believe that in 9 days my childhood is REALLY over, I couldn’t be more ready. 

People would argue that childhood ends much earlier. For some people, it might. They might say childhood ends when you turn 18, or graduate high school, or move out, or graduate college, etc. etc. I feel like childhood really ends when you get married. When your parents house isn’t “home” anymore. When you don’t fly/drive home for the holidays because you have someone else to spend them with. Or even another family (His) to spend it with. Isn’t it weird how growing up you always had all your holidays, birthdays, vacations, and more with these people, and now you suddenly…don’t. It’s so weird to think about. 

A year ago yesterday, Kurtis put a promise ring on my finger. 8 months later he fulfilled his promise, and suddenly I wore two beautiful rings. In just 9 short days, I’ll have three. Sometimes I feel like I have the ultimate love story. But I know we were really just two crazy kids who fell in love, yet had no idea what we were doing. Grew up a little bit (or a lot), realized loved each other enough to make it work no matter what, and were lucky enough to end up here. 

Part of me can’t believe I’m here. My wedding is in 9 days and that seems impossible. That’s single digits. My family is flying in next week. My dress is being altered. The cupcakes are being delivered. I have to move.


Is this really happening? Somebody pinch me.

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