Someone Needs to Say it- We Put too Much Pressure on Nap Time!

“Just do it while your kids nap.”

Why is that everyone’s answer to everything?

Working at home Mom? Just work while they nap. 

Need a nap yourself? Just nap while they nap. 

The house is a mess? Just clean while they nap.

Have 34 loads of laundry to do? Just do it while they nap. 

Need some you time? Just do it while they nap. 

Need to catch up on your shows? Just watch them while they nap.

The bathrooms need to be cleaned? Dishes washed? Floors mopped? Beds made?  Emails replied to? Book club book read? Political campaigns managed? World hunger solved? JUST DO IT WHILE THEY NAP. 

I don’t know who it was that decided that nap time was the solution to every mother’s problems. But it’s not it cannot possibly be.

I don’t know about your kids, but my kid is actually a really good napper. He’ll nap 2-3 hours every day. That’s a good chunk of time. And yes, I can usually get a thing or two done, but that’s it. One or two things. And my kid naps for 3 hours! It’s usually enough time to either get a blog post typed, or clean the house. Not both. And certainly not more than that.

And Moms, if you want to take nap time to nap yourself, read a book, catch up on This is Us, or just sit in the quiet with a HOT cup of coffee and the chocolates you had hidden in the freezer because you didn’t want to share, that’s okay too!

Take the pressure off of your kid’s nap time. It’s not always the time to hustle or stress yourself out. Your house doesn’t have to be immaculate by the time your kids wake up. They’re just going to destroy it again anyways.



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