Solving the Shopping Cart Dilemma with Binxy Baby

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Sometimes, I feel like the world is out to get parents.

It’s almost as if society knows what we could be doing better to make simple aspects of parenting easier, and we decide to do the opposite. Take shopping carts, for example.

There are quite a few problems with shopping carts for parents. The first being, even if you only have one infant child, there is nowhere to put the dang car seat. It is considered dangerous and against safety regulations to place your car seat on top of the child seat (even though this is how most people do it). There’s even a warning on the child’s seat stating it is not for car seats because they can not be secured. So where should you put the car seat? Well, the next logical answer would be inside the cart but then…WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR GROCERIES? This defeats the purpose of even going to the store entirely.

I have found one grocery store that offers a car seat holder, and that’s Kroger. But that cart with the car seat holder? There’s still no other seats, so if you have multiple kids you’re still out of luck.

The second problem with shopping carts is that most only offer one child seat. So if you have 2 kids, both whom are old enough to sit there, you have to pick your favorite and they get the seat. And good luck with a toddler loose in the store or the basket, good luck. And sure most stores offer those car carts or the big 2 seaters. But there are approximately 1,0000 regular carts and then maybe 3 or 4 car/2 seater carts. And more often than not, they’ve all been taken at peak shopping hours, leaving you back at square one.

Well, I’ve found a product that at least solves problem number one. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock. You guys, these things are cute, functional, and totally genius.

It snaps on to the cart and acts as a little hammock for baby, leaving plenty of room for your groceries underneath. It keeps baby safe, and it’s actually really relaxing and comfortable for them. We tried it on Oliver just the other day and he was so content in it! He was wide awake our whole shopping trip and didn’t cry once.

It can also hold a car seat if your babe is too little or too uncomfortable in the hammock alone! It includes a strap to strap an infant car seat in.

So not only does this solve the car seat debacle, but it can also solve the multiple children debacle. At least for the time when child #2 is still small enough for the hammock. It is recommended to discontinue use of the hammock once your baby is sitting up on it’s own.

I love products like these that are sheer genius and solve such a simple, yet totally common problem. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?!

Grocery stores everywhere- you need to step up your game in making shopping easier for parents! But until then, invest in a Binxy Baby, you won’t regret it!

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