Simplify Your Mornings with Beddy’s! 

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If you lead a busy life (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), you know just how crazy mornings can get.
Mornings are by far the busiest part of my day! Especially if I have to work that afternoon. They usually consist of making everyone breakfast, getting ready, walking the dog, packing lunches, putting dinner in the crockpot, getting some work done on the blog, and picking up the house before sprinting out the door.

Anything that can save me time, I’ll take it.

I try my hardest, but I’m definitely a hot mess mom at times. Before recently our bed was hardly ever made. I tried to make a point of doing it, but usually by the time I had a free second, it was already last afternoon, and what was the point if I was just going to climb into it again in a few short hours?

Enter Beddy’s (read: Bed Ease).


Beddy’s is totally revolutionary. I’m obsessed with it. Beddy’s is bedding that zippers shut. Yes, you read that right. You can literally make your bed in 30 seconds, with the pull of a zipper.



We’ve been making some small renovations to our master bedroom, and when I saw Beddy’s on Pinterest, I knew I had to have it as our new bedding. Then I saw the video on how it works and was completely sold.

One thing I was worried about with Beddy’s was not having enough blanket to cuddle due to the zippers, but Beddy’s thought of that. They included excess blanket that folds out when you unzip, to keep you nice and cozy. I was also concerned that Beddy’s wouldn’t be warm enough for our cold Colorado winters, but the kinky fabric keeps us sooo warm and toasty!



Beddy’s makes everything easier. It goes on as one, simple piece. Which means you can throw it in the wash as one simple piece as well! Zipping it up makes making your bed a completely breeze! And once Beddy’s is zipped, it gives your bed the look of clean, perfectly tucked edges.


Beddy’s comes in sizes for all beds and is perfect for children’s bedding. Any child can make their own bed with ease with Beddy’s, helping to instill independence and responsibility. They also have many different styles, perfect for every room, and lots of fun accessories.


We love our Beddy’s! I’m not sure how we lived without it until this point, I make my bed every day now, which has helped my mornings run smoother, and our room stay nicer.


Be sure to check out Beddy’s!

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And stayed tuned for the rest of our Master Bedroom renovations!




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