Preparing for their First Birthday

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Oliver is about to turn one and I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I am completely unprepared and overwhelmed by the idea of his first birthday.

Right now, he is in my absolute favorite infant stage. 9-12 months. It’s when they’re still “baby” enough to need you. They still like to cuddle. They still want to be rocked to sleep. They still nurse or drink from a bottle. But, they’re getting old enough to where they wave, dance, clap, interact, play, and maybe babble a few words. They’re interactive and fun but still cuddly babies.

I think back on the past year and feel so many mixed emotions. My time with Oliver has been so precious to me. I feel like we’ve been to hell and back together and our bond goes so deep. But the year was hard and I’m filled with anxiety that I didn’t stop to enjoy it enough. The baby stage is over so fast, and you can never get it back. How is his first birthday here already? Did I take it all in while I could? Did I take enough pictures? Did I put my phone down enough? Did I cuddle him enough? Did I record the milestones? Did I remember to cherish this time?

first birthday

The truth is, you’ll never do enough. As their first birthday draws near, you’ll always ask yourself where the time has gone. How the year flew by so fast. Where your baby went. As long as you loved them the best you knew how, you did everything right.


The year flies by, and the first birthday comes before you know it, and definitely before you’re ready. But I’ve always taken comfort in knowing the best is yet to come. Soon, they’ll take their first steps, say their first words, and one day, even be able to tell you that they love you. It really only gets better. Remember to cherish the short year of infancy, but don’t be too sad when it’s over. You have so much more to look forward to in the 18 years you get to mold and shape them.

From birth, Oliver has worn the Little Baby Basics collection from Carter’s. Carter’s is one of the only stores we were able to find preemie sized clothing, it’s also the first place I bought some things for him when I was pregnant. When the collection launched last year, I headed to Carter’s and picked up the cutest matching outfits for him and Sawyer from the Little Baby Basics line. Little Baby Basics offers everything your little guy or girl could need in their first few years of life. The original bodysuit, little character sets, easy outfit sets, sleep sets, even baby shower gifts!

Little baby basics

Now that Oliver is almost one and summer is almost here, I stocked up on some sleeveless bodysuits, a pack of t-shirts, some character sets, and even some sleepwear.

Carter’s Little Baby Basics has plenty for little boys, little girls, and gender neutral options. Your baby can wear this collection from birth until 24 months old. We’ve loved shopping this collection for Oliver and Sawyer as they’ve grown. The pieces are always great quality and so, so adorable. They’re both really into dinosaurs right now and the Little Baby Basics collection has a ton of cute dino options! 

If you have a baby, hug them a little tighter tonight. Rock them a little longer. Let them sleep on your chest. Before you know it, they’ll be asking to borrow the car!

Be sure to find a Carter’s store near you HERE, and shop the Little Baby Basics collection – while you still can! Carter’s is offering 20% off $40+ through June 30th with code “CART4342” at checkout!

Were you emotional around your child’s first birthday? How did you handle it? Comment below!


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