Month 8

Month 8 is here already! (in fact, we’re almost to month 9!) A few weeks ago we passed the mark where Sawyer has been out longer than he was in! I can’t believe I’ve now been a mother longer than I was pregnant (because pregnancy felt like 5 years, and motherhood has felt like 5 seconds). It’s a bummer that pregnancy drags its feet so much, and then your babies grow in the blink of an eye!

Sawyer is 15 lbs even and 28 in long.


His last weight check didn’t go as well this month as it did last month and they had to run more tests. We took him down to get more blood work done, and it was awful. Apparently he wasn’t hydrated enough and they couldn’t get enough blood (he wasn’t hydrated enough because we didn’t bring and extra bottle because we weren’t expecting a quick weight check to take 2 HOURS). They tried in both arms and when they couldn’t get anything, told us to come back later. We haven’t been back yet. Only because it’s really rough to see them stick your baby with needles so I refuse to go without Kurtis, so we’re waiting to go back until there’s a day when we’re both off!

I don’t personally think there’s anything wrong with him other than that he’s just small. His doctors are just comparing him on a chart to other kids his age without actually taking a look at him and seeing how he’s growing and thriving. Also let’s not forget he was born prematurely so maybe, just maybe, he’s gonna be a little small for his age?! He’s still hitting all his milestones according to his adjusted age and he is growing. He’s never lost weight. In fact, he’s never even not gained weight, he’s just never gained as much as they want him to. Every time we go in he has always gained weight, but that’s not enough. And I understand their concern, and I will absolutely do all the tests they suggest, because of course I want to make sure there’s not an underlying problem. But it’s still so frustrating.

My mom keeps telling me I only weighed 17 lbs on my first birthday and I’m just fine. I was always a small kid and Kurtis has a crazy metabolism, so our child is probably going to be on the small side for the first part of his life. So hopefully, everything is just fine. I’m not too worried about it. But keep my little boy in your prayers! Being poked and prodded once a month is no fun!

We’ve hit a couple of milestones! He’s now sitting up on his own, starting to try to crawl, and eating finger foods! He loves his puffs! And it’s great for me because it means eating is now also an activity. I can sit him in his high chair with some puffs, a teething biscuit (his fav), or cheerios, while I clean up the kitchen or get some blogging done! H’s sitting next to me in his high chair, eating puffs, as I type this now. Aaaaaannnnnddddd….

He’s taking actual naps! This is a huge game changer for me. I’m able to get so much more done now that he’s finally taking real naps! He’s always napped and gotten the right amount of sleep for his age, but it used to be so much more difficult. I would have to nurse him to sleep, then, make sure he was out, put him in his swaddle or zipadee zip, then carefully walk him upstairs and attempt to lay him in his crib, all without waking him up. 7/10 times he would wake up as I set him down. And so I would just pick him up and let him nap in my arms. And if he by some miracle didn’t wake up, he would only sleep for 15-20 minutes before he did. Now, I just set him in his crib with a bottle, and he puts himself to sleep and stays asleep for 1 and 1/2-2 hours! He’s still taking 2 naps a day but if he starts taking more naps on the side of 2-3 hours, I’ll start cutting him down to just 1. He’s also been sleeping all the way through the night in his own room!

He has such a little personality. He loves to squeal and scream when we’re with family to ensure he’s the center of attention. He rolls everywhere and blows raspberries. He’s still obsessed with Bennett, and Sesame Street, loves bath time, story time, and playtime. We’re having so much fun!
















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