Meet Bennett Brown!


I did it! If you scroll down to two posts ago, you will see me describe a dog named Bennett, and how Kurtis and I saw him at the shelter and fell in love.

I also threatened anybody who tried to adopt him, because I would “find a way.”

And I did, and now he’s ours mine!

As many of you know, our landlords (who also happen to be my parents), wouldn’t allow us to have a dog because our condo was recently remodeled. We didn’t know this until after we had already decided to move in and I was devastated. I had my heart set on getting a puppy soon after we were married. Kurtis and I have very different work schedules and I just wanted a dog to keep me company and to take care of. We’ve decided to wait a while on the whole baby thing (so you can all stop asking), and I figure a dog to take care of and spoil is a good preparation step.

So, last Wednesday, Kurtis and I both had the day off and had gone out to lunch. Afterwards, we stopped at the Buddy Center “just to look” and to “kill some time” (It’s not the first time we have done this).

And, we saw Bennett.



(Excuse the bad quality as I took them on my phone, through the glass.)

And fell in love with him.

He’s an Australian Cattle Dog/German Pointer mix. But we really think he’s gotta have some Pitbull in him. That’s what everyone thinks when they first meet him, and you can see it in his face!

He was the perfect size. Not too small, not too big. Adorable, with cute coloring, and perky ears. We spent half an hour cooing over him through the glass before Kurtis finally dragged me out of there.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I had a dream about him that night even, and whined to Kurtis about it all day the next day. And finally, I decided to just ask my dad. The worst that could happen is that he would say no. Besides, Bennett wasn’t a puppy, he’s 1 ½ years old, so he won’t be chewing on the furniture, and he’s already housebroken!

So I texted him and explained everything I said above.

And he said yes. (With the condition of a slight increase in rent to cover any dog-related damages)

I couldn’t believe it. I quickly called Kurtis and told him what my dad had said and he couldn’t believe it either. We were so excited!

I called the shelter to see if Bennett was still there, and he was! They also told me that they were actually having a special that weekend, and all dog adoptions were only $10. It was meant to be.

So we went and picked him up!




We are having so much fun! We’ve been going on walks, going to the dog park, Petsmart, etc. Today we took him to the vet and he had to get shots 🙁 So we bought him a pawbender and went to the dog park!


He’s successfully destroyed all the toys we bought him, so we’ve bit the bullet and bought the more expensive ones he can’t chew through. So far, so good.

Whenever Kurtis leaves he consistently checks the window every hour or so waiting for him to come back. It’s the cutest.

Tomorrow we have to leave him alone all day for the first time and I’m really nervous. Any tips?

Right now he’s snuggled up next to me while dinner is bubbling in the crock pot and we’re waiting for Kurtis to come home.

I literally couldn’t be happier.






Benny Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo (name the movie).


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