Hidden Crown Hair Extensions – Maintenance and Your Questions Answered!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve been using hair extensions for over a year now- and I’ve stayed loyal to Hidden Crown! Hidden Crown Hair makes using hair extensions so easy- without have to commit to long hair all the time. I love that they can put in and taken out in a matter of minutes, they’re incredibly easy to style, and even easier to maintain!

The best thing about Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is how long they last. Your Hidden Crown Hair will last you 12-18 months as long as you care for them properly! More permanent style extensions require much more maintenance, and therefore- a lot more money. They need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks and the hair replaced every 6-12 weeks. This requires you not only to pay your stylists every time they need to be moved up, but you also have to purchase all new hair every few weeks as well, costing you thousands of dollars per year in the long run.

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions run $295-$400 and then last you up to 18 months. A much better investment!

So, how do you make the most of your investment by making them last? Take good care of them of course! Let me break it down for you.

hidden crown hair extensions

hidden crown hair

hidden crown hair

How do Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Work?

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions offer both halo style extensions and clip-ins. I’ve never tried the clip ins personally, and although I’ve heard great things, I prefer the halo style because they are less damaging. With halo style, the hair hangs on a wire, and the is placed on your head like a crown. you then pull the top layer of your hair up and over the crown to cover the wire and blend your extensions. You can read even more about them in my previous post here, and watch the video below I made last year on how to put them in:

(I’m like 30 weeks pregnant with Oliver in this video!)

How Do I Maintain Them?

-You should only wash your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions every 2-4 months. With my last set of extensions I washed them every 4 months religiously. They got pretty coarse and dry by the time I was ready for a new set, so with these ones I’ve decided to always wash and condition them closer to the 2 month mark. Make sure you are using high quality products that are sulfate and paraben free to protect your extensions. Hidden Crown is made with real human remy hair, so it can get damaged just as our hair can when not using quality products.

-Use heat on a lower setting and in moderation. Because Hidden Crown is not meant to be worn 100% of the time. Style lasts much longer! I can curl my extensions and then those curls will last for a week or two! Because the style lasts so long, I typically only need to put heat on them every 7-10 days, and that’s only if I’m planning to wear them a lot. Remember to use a lower heat setting- especially if you’re extensions are blonde.

-Brush often but brush carefully. Keeping your extensions free of tangles can help prevent breakage, and brushing your hair throughout the day can help your extensions blend better. However be careful with brushing. Take your time and go slow. Brushing to harshly or quickly can cause breakage, or more hairs to fall out which can cause your Hidden Crown not to last as long. Brush often, and brush gently to keep your extensions in great shape.

-Go easy on the products. Because the hair can hold a style for so long, they don’t need much hair spray or other products! The more product you use, the more often you’ll have to wash them, and like I said above, washing them too often can lead to damage so use sparingly! Some product is okay for styling, just be conservative and be sure to brush it out at the end of the day.

Your Questions Answered:

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions on Instagram!

Q: Can you brush your hair without pulling them out?

A: Yes, and your should! Whenever I wear mine out and about I keep a little brush in my bag so I can brush throughout the day. They look more blended if you keep them brushed and soft.

Q: Do they itch when you’re wearing them?

A: Nope!

Q: How would you wear your hair extensions if your hair was up?

A: With halo type extensions, it is difficult, but not impossible. I can typically get my hair into a standard ponytail no problem, but anything higher or for a fancy updo would require some special bobby pin placement or a good YouTube tutorial, ha!

hidden crown hair extensions
I can get it about this high with no bobby pins

Q: How well do they stay in during the day and do they get uncomfortable?

A: The Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are great because you specially fit them to your head when you get them so there’s no sliding around. The wire on the top of my head can get sore after like 10+ hours of wear but I hardly ever have them in that long anyways.

Q: Can you/are you supposed to wash them?

A: Yes! Not often though. More “permanent” style extensions (tape-ins, sew-ins, or beaded) can be washed a few times per week as you wash your hair normally. Hidden Crown hair only needs to be washed every 2-4 months. That’s what helps make them last so long.

Q: Do extensions have a weird texture or do they feel like your real hair?

A: They feel like my real hair but I guess it would depend on what texture your hair naturally is. Hidden Crown hair is made with real human hair so it matches most hair types.

Q: How do I get the right color? I dye my hair.

A: Hidden Crown hair can color match you if you send them a picture of the top of your head prior to purchasing. What I did though was purchase them first in the color that I wanted my hair to be, then took them with me to my hair appointment, showed them to my stylist and told her to make my color match!

Q: I can never get them to blend, especially with shorter hair! Help?

A: It takes practice! Typically, just wearing your hair down and straight is kind of a no-no with extensions because it doesn’t blend well. The best way to blend them is to style it. Curling your hair works the absolute BEST for blending, but even just braid crowns, putting your hair half up, doing a half top-knot, pinning back your bags, etc. will help them blend. Also teasing your hair over the weft and keeping the ends brushed and soft will help them blend. My go-tos are braided crown, or loose waves.

hidden crown hair

hidden crown hair extensions

hidden crown

hidden crown hair

hidden crown hair

hidden crown hair

If you’re looking into low maintenance hair extensions then Hidden Crown Hair is for you! Be sure to check them out:

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