For The Zombie Parents: The Ninja Coffee Bar

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We have a 3 week old so we’re officially getting zero sleep. My husband and I have a little agreement. I do all of Oliver’s nighttime feedings, and he gets up with Sawyer, toddler extraordinaire, at the crack of dawn. So I’m sleeping in shorter increments, but he’s getting up earlier. At the end of the day, we’re both getting about the same amount of sleep.

Close to none.

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker. I really only like coffee when it’s cold brew or iced which can be really hard to make at home. But now that we have a newborn again I need the caffeine in an extreme way if I’m going to get through my day. So that means either suck it up and drink coffee I don’t love, or find out how to make iced coffee work at home.

Enter, Ninja Coffe Bar.

The features I’m about to share may shock you because it’s seriously that cool. I can essential make anything my favorite barista at Starbucks can make (looking at you, Kevin at the Lincoln and Jordan location), in my own kitchen! Everyone needs one of these.

Ninja Coffee Bar allows you to make coffee a few different ways, in a million different sizes. It offers classic brew, rich brew, and over ice brew and you can choose between a full carafe, half carafe, cup, XL cup, travel mug, or XL travel mug.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

I love all the different size options because it allows my husband and I to each make our coffee to our liking, without wasting any. He prefers a rich brew, black. I prefer over ice brew with caramel vanilla creamer. With a regular coffee maker, we would have to brew a whole pot, but now, we can just make a single cup of whatever we want!

Ninja Coffee Bar also offers a milk frother which we have a ton of fun with. It’s so easy to make a cappuccino with this handy tool! There’s also a measuring spoon attached to the machine, which tells you exactly how many scoops of ground coffee you need for each of the size options, so it’s impossible to mess up. It also comes with a recipe book with fun ideas for making frappuccinos, cappuccinos, flavored iced coffees, and more!


It also has a clock/timer so that you can choose what type of coffee/size before bed, and it will turn itself on and start brewing and be ready by the time you come downstairs! It also has a “keep warm” option which will keep your carafe or cup warm after brewing.

I gave this to my husband as a Father’s Day gift and he LOVED it. I definitely don’t hate having it around either. I love making yummy iced coffees every morning, it’s the only way I’m staying awake through these newborn days!

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