Feeling Good While Becoming a Whale

It’s hard to keep your confidence up when your body is going through so many changes. It’s tough to remember how beautiful you are. Trust me, I know. It’s worth it to take the time for yourself, you deserve it after all!

Eat right and engage in moderate exercise.

It sounds crazy, but when you’re pregnant is when you should actually be eating better!

What? I’m sorry but, this was the most disappointing thing I had ever heard. You mean I’m supposed to gain 35 lbs and I can’t even eat what I want?

This is half true and half not. Like everything, this has to be a delicate balance. Lord knows that your cravings are out of hand and the last thing you want is a kale salad (yuck). I was able to find a system that worked for me. Before getting pregnant, I was a very clean eater and I exercised 3-4 times per week, sometimes more. My pregnancy personally hasn’t been the easiest so I had to adjust this a lot after I found out I was expecting! When I started getting sick, working out was almost out of the question and I could only keep down dry carbs, and that was just the way it was!

As things progressed and got better, I was able to better get into the groove of things! I like to think that I eat mostly the same as I did before, but when I have a craving. I don’t deprive myself of it! If I’m supposed to gain 35 lbs anyways, shouldn’t I at least be able to eat mashed potatoes and gravy when I want to?

Luckily, my biggest craving has been fruit, so my binges are more on smoothies and virgin margaritas than anything! I love anything that’s fruity, icy, and cold. Most nights I just throw margarita mix and a cupful of ice into the blender and enjoy (I can balance the glass on my tummy now so that’s pretty cool too)!


It’s important to get the right amount of fruits, veggies, carbs, proteins, etc. for baby. You’ll feel better and have more energy if you’re not only eating the junk you’re craving. Mix it up! Get out and be active. I had to give up working out at Orangetheory 3-4 times a week because I just couldn’t keep up! I still do it 1-2 times per week and walk my dog every day and try to do yoga when I can. I always feel better and more energized after. There’s another member at the Orangetheory I work at who is 30+ weeks pregnant and she still works out there 5 times per week! That is great for her! But I can’t compare myself to her. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Do what you can and what you feel comfortable with.

Here’s a sample of a basic half and half grocery list to keep you balanced, and still let you indulge! 

Frozen meats (chicken/steak/pork)

Frozen/fresh veggies


Bagged Salad

Greek yogurt



Pasta (Specifically mac and cheese!)

Frozen whole grain waffles

Mother’s Best Cereals

Granola Bars

Orange Juice


Regular or turkey bacon/Sausage

Almond milk

Regular/chocolate milk (for heartburn)


Whole Wheat English Muffins/Bagels

Ben and Jerry’s

One bag of your favorite candy (I have skittle stashed at work)


Anything else you may be craving right now

Seriously. Do not beat yourself up over what you chose to eat. You are putting your body through a lot right now so trust me when I say you deserve the donut. If there was ever a time to have one guilt-free, it’s now! Just make sure to have some veggies with your dinner. Keep it balanced! If you want mac and cheese for dinner, then you have it. You’re only pregnant for 9 months after all!

Take some time for yourself.

This is so important to me. Especially with how crazy things get in my life with working full time, keeping up with housework and my dog all while being pregnant in general, I have to make sure I stay sane! It’s so great to take some time to relax or pamper yourself or both! It’s amazing how good having your nails done can really make you feel if you’re feeling icky about yourself that day.

Take a bubble bath! But make sure the water isn’t too hot. I do this about once a week and not only is it relaxing but it’s great for my aching back and feet. A few weeks ago I actually got out of bed at 2am and got in the bath because I was so uncomfortable, and after that I was finally able to sleep.


Get a pedicure. Your feet are swollen and your belly is too big to reach your feet and do it yourself. 

Buy some cute maternity clothes! I know a lot of women choose to avoid maternity clothes as long as possible, but they really are so much more flattering than trying to stretch your regular clothes over your growing tummy. Maternity clothes really highlight your bump, and they are so much more comfortable. 

Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Get your hair done, get a spray tan, a new pair of shoes, a manicure, whatever you want! Pregnancy is such a feminine time of life, relish in it! You should feel beautiful. And I know personally that it can be really hard when you have an unwanted double chin in pictures, and swollen ankles, but do what you can to help yourself feel better. You are creating life, and there is nothing more beautiful that that!


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