Family Fall Traditions

Halloween wasn’t big in my house growing up, and because of that, Halloween was never big with me as an adult. I’m not really into dressing up, I hate anything scary, and I try to not eat too much candy. Kurtis and I have been together 6 years, and we’ve never once done coordinating costumes, if that tells you anything.

But, now that we’re parents, Halloween really excites me. I want him to grow up having fun memories of this holiday, and us doing fun things together as a family. And it doesn’t all have to be scary, especially when they’re younger.

Fun Fact (or maybe a TMI fact?) Sawyer was conceived on Halloween, so we should probably make an effort to celebrate with him, given that he is a Halloween baby.

Announcement: We are doing a family costume this year. The first time in the 6 years we’ve been a couple that Kurtis and I will have coordinating costumes. My level of excitement is too high to be socially acceptable. (P.S. our costumes are inspired by Once Upon a Time, any guesses?)

So, here are some fun things to do tonight before heading out to Trick or Treat!

Pumpkin Painting

While carving a pumpkin is fun, your younger kiddos can really only watch, they can’t participate (because, you know…knives). Painting a pumpkin allows the to fully participate in the activity, and trust me, they’re going to love it!




Baking Halloween Cookies

Being the busy Mama I am, there’s not always time to bake cookies from scratch. Thank goodness for Pillsbury! I like to get just regular sugar cookie (or even better, the pumpkin sugar cookies!), and then let Sawyer decorate a few.




Watch a (non-scary) Halloween Movie

We love to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas every year! Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Just watch it October-December!

Hit up the Local Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun visiting our local pumpkin patch last week. There are so many different activities, a hay ride, a maze, a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, photo ops, slides, and more! Sawyer had a blast. It was a fun and inexpensive way to spend a Sunday afternoon.







What is everyone doing for Halloween tonight? Are you going to do some fun fall activities from above? Comment below!