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    Birthday Recap- 24!

    Happy Belated Birthday to me! I turned 24 yesterday!

    Yes, my birthday was on election day. Which was a pretty big bummer since this election was also a pretty big bummer. We couldn’t help it, we were glued to the news after dinner watching the electoral votes get counted. Oh, well. I’ll have tons more birthdays, hopefully never colliding with an election again.

    But the rest of the day was great! I’m trying to do more of these “life updates”. I love blogging as a profession, but I also want to keep a record of some of our fun life moments to look back on!

    On my birthday, we woke up and made breakfast burritos with my new cast iron skillet (a gift from my sister and brother in law). Then, I watched some tv while Kurtis got Sawyer ready, then headed out to to vote!

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    Halloween 2016 Recap

    We had such a fun Halloween! Sawyer had such a blast trick or treating!

    We met Kurtis at work and then drove to a neighborhood nearby. We only went to a few houses because obviously, Sawyer can’t walk super far before he gets tired.

    Sawyer was the Big Bad Wolf, I was Little Red Riding Hood, and Kurtis was the woodsman. I was a bad wife and forgot his beanie and suspenders so his costume was kind of lackluster. My bad.


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    Family Fall Traditions

    Halloween wasn’t big in my house growing up, and because of that, Halloween was never big with me as an adult. I’m not really into dressing up, I hate anything scary, and I try to not eat too much candy. Kurtis and I have been together 6 years, and we’ve never once done coordinating costumes, if that tells you anything.

    But, now that we’re parents, Halloween really excites me. I want him to grow up having fun memories of this holiday, and us doing fun things together as a family. And it doesn’t all have to be scary, especially when they’re younger.

    Fun Fact (or maybe a TMI fact?) Sawyer was conceived on Halloween, so we should probably make an effort to celebrate with him, given that he is a Halloween baby.

    Announcement: We are doing a family costume this year. The first time in the 6 years we’ve been a couple that Kurtis and I will have coordinating costumes. My level of excitement is too high to be socially acceptable. (P.S. our costumes are inspired by Once Upon a Time, any guesses?)

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    3 Toddler-Approved Pasta Dishes

    Disclaimer: Thank you to Chicco for sponsoring today’s post. I received this product in exchange for review. All opinions stated are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Visit my disclaimer page for more information.

    Happy National Pasta Day!

    We all know how hard it can be to get toddlers to eat. Luckily, Sawyer likes most food but there are still days where mealtime is a struggle.


    But you know what he loves? Pasta. Pasta in any way, shape, or form. Mac and Cheese night is by far the best night of his week and he’s also been known to go crazy on some spaghetti. Pasta is flavorful, and easy for him to pick up. It’s the messiest finger food of all time.

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    When My Breastfeeding Journey Ended


    My breastfeeding journey was far from easy. It didn’t go at all how I expected it to go and I stressed myself to the max trying to make it work for as long as I did. When Sawyer was born we had some trouble getting our breastfeeding journey started. It took him 3 days to learn how to latch, and even then we used a shield. I was happy to use it though, because I wanted to breastfeed. It was annoying but I was determined to do whatever it took.

    And I did. It was a long road, and it was anything but easy. But he was exclusively breast fed for a while! I went back to work when he was 2 months old and had to start pumping. We breastfed when I was home and he got a bottle of expressed milk when I was away. He was still strictly on breast milk. It wasn’t long after I started back at work that I noticed a decline in my supply. When I nursed him I could hear him gulping away but when I pumped I could only get a few ounces. I just didn’t respond to the pump well, and not for lack of trying. I tried different settings, different valves, and even a different pump. I tried Mother’s Milk tea and lactation cookies and pumping more frequently. At his 4 month check up his doctor told me he wasn’t on track for weight gain, and was only in the 5th percentile for weight. So, we starting going in every 2 weeks for weight checks. All the stress made my supply dip even more!

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    What’s the Deal with Jamberry Nails?

    I see Jamberry everywhere these days and I’ve always been curious. I love having my nails done. But since Sawyer was born it’s something I’ve had to give up due to time and costs. Having along time to go to the salon is one thing, but the expense is another! Why does it cost so much for some nail polish?

    One thing I will always splurge on is a much needed pedicure. Feet are so gross and I’m willing to pay to make mine pretty, ha!

    But I missed my pretty fingernails. From time to time I would do them myself but it was so time consuming and they would start chipping after only a day or two. When I saw Jamberry consultant starting to pop up on my social media feeds, I was interested, but I thought there was no way nail “stickers” could be very good quality or last very long.

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