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    Fall Date Ideas with Coleman

    Can you believe Fall is just around the corner? Summer went by so fast! Granted, it was a whirlwind Summer for us with Oliver’s bith, NICU stay, our move, and my brother’s wedding. Now we’re settling into our new place, I’m getting back into working, and before we know it, Summer will really be over.

    Luckily, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Fall. Football, chunky sweaters, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, corn mazes! While it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to Summer, there are so many things to love about the Fall.

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    Preparing Your Car for Kids

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    When you have children, the car can be a big to-do. Not only is there safety to think about, but also adequate space, amenities, and preparation for any situation life could throw at you! Driving with kids is hard. When I drove Oliver home from the NICU, I was so nervous and driving so slow that people were honking and passing me all over the highway. But I didn’t care! There was precious cargo in the backseat and I needed to keep him safe.

    Eventually, I became more comfortable in the car. And it was with the help of some safety precautions and preparedness!

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    Solving the Shopping Cart Dilemma with Binxy Baby

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    Sometimes, I feel like the world is out to get parents.

    It’s almost as if society knows what we could be doing better to make simple aspects of parenting easier, and we decide to do the opposite. Take shopping carts, for example.

    There are quite a few problems with shopping carts for parents. The first being, even if you only have one infant child, there is nowhere to put the dang car seat. It is considered dangerous and against safety regulations to place your car seat on top of the child seat (even though this is how most people do it). There’s even a warning on the child’s seat stating it is not for car seats because they can not be secured. So where should you put the car seat? Well, the next logical answer would be inside the cart but then…WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR GROCERIES? This defeats the purpose of even going to the store entirely.

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    Toddler Bed Transition with Dockatot

    Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Dockatot. All opinions are my own. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information.

    We decided it was time to transition Sawyer to a toddler bed around the same time we brought Oliver home. Because we’re crazy, of course.

    But, it was so easy. The very first night he did not get out of bed once. Not once. And he slept all the way through the night! We thought it might be a crazy fluke but since then, he still never gets out of bed at night! It’s amazing, I thought it was going to be such a battle, but it wasn’t at all. Our secret?

    The DockATot Grand.

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    For The Zombie Parents: The Ninja Coffee Bar

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    We have a 3 week old so we’re officially getting zero sleep. My husband and I have a little agreement. I do all of Oliver’s nighttime feedings, and he gets up with Sawyer, toddler extraordinaire, at the crack of dawn. So I’m sleeping in shorter increments, but he’s getting up earlier. At the end of the day, we’re both getting about the same amount of sleep.

    Close to none.

    I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker. I really only like coffee when it’s cold brew or iced which can be really hard to make at home. But now that we have a newborn again I need the caffeine in an extreme way if I’m going to get through my day. So that means either suck it up and drink coffee I don’t love, or find out how to make iced coffee work at home.

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    A Coming Home Outfit

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    Since Sawyer came early, there were a few things I never got to do and wasn’t prepared for. We didn’t have the nursery done, we didn’t have a coming home outfit for him, we didn’t even have hospital bags packed. So with this baby, I knew I needed to be more prepared!

    Well, Oliver came even earlier than Sawyer did and while there are still plenty of things that need to be done, we were at least slightly more prepared. I did at least have the hospital bags packed which really was lucky, given I had only packed them a week before. I had all the newborn clothes unpacked, I had all the gear I needed, and I had a coming home outfit for him.

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    The FabFitFun Summer Box!

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    My favorite time of the season- FabFitFun time! I seriously look forward to the arrival of this box every 3 months or so. It always makes my day and is filled with the best stuff.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: FabFitFun is such a treat. As a busy mom, I don’t often like to spend too much money on things for myself. But every few months I get a box full of high quality goodies just for me and I love it! That’s the beauty of subscription boxes.

    Let’s dive right in to what comes in the Summer Box!

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