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    The FabFitFun Summer Box!

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    My favorite time of the season- FabFitFun time! I seriously look forward to the arrival of this box every 3 months or so. It always makes my day and is filled with the best stuff.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: FabFitFun is such a treat. As a busy mom, I don’t often like to spend too much money on things for myself. But every few months I get a box full of high quality goodies just for me and I love it! That’s the beauty of subscription boxes.

    Let’s dive right in to what comes in the Summer Box!

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    Maximize Your Child’s Education with Snapology (+ a Giveaway!)

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    There’s not much that’s more important than your child’s education. We all want to make sure our children learn and thrive and are given the best opportunities possible. Unfortunately, with today’s economy, budget cuts in school districts are limiting children’s education more and more.

    I watch Sawyer learn everyday and I am amazed. At only 2 years old he absorbs information like a sponge. He learns new words and phrases all the time. He remembers faces, names, places, and more. He knows animal noises, colors, shapes, and more words than I can count. He is able to mimick our language and knows a new word daily. Watching him learn is absolutely thrilling and I hope he continues to thrive for the rest of his childhood.

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    Backyard Sippable Moments with Virgin Mango Passion Tea Sangira

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    Ah, Summer.

    My absolute favorite time of year. I made it a goal to make sure that we had fun and relaxed this summer. We spent all Winter completely cooped up, not only due to the weather, but due to one of our cars being out of commission, we literally hardly ever left the house! That took a serious toll on me both mentally and emotionally. It’s no good for your mental health to be inside all day! Now that we have another car for a little while and the weather is great, I really want to make sure we are active and outdoors!

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    Hair Extensions for Beginners with Hidden Crown Hair

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    I’ve always wanted long mermaid hair, but my hair had other plans. Growing up, my hair was a huge hassle. I naturally had very coarse and curly hair as a kid. I started straightening it every day when I was only 11 years old. All that straightening really took a toll on it and by the time I was 15, my hair was severely broken and damaged and wouldn’t grow at all.

    We tried everything. Deep conditioning treatments, relaxers, trimming it every few weeks, never trimming it, washing it more, washing it less, coloring it less, expensive oils, seeing different stylists and specialists. Nothing made my hair better.

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    Friday Favorites- Mira Brands and Growing Roots Box

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    Happy Friday!

    I’m so glad June is here and Summer is starting! I’ve made a lot of goals for myself regarding my business, the rest of my pregnancy, moving, and staying active. I’m really excited for this Summer and everything we have going on.

    I’m excited to share some brands I’m loving with you this week!

    Mira Brands

    Mira brands was so interesting to me. It kind of seems like a smorgasbord of products at first, but they offer all sorts of products for your home. They offer water bottles, kitchen and home essentials, coffee products, and even beauty products. It’s like your one stop shop for stocking your home!

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    A Comfortable Maternity Look with PinkBlush

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    I’m so uncomfortable.

    I wish I could even describe it. With Sawyer, I had an anterior placenta. Meaning the placenta was in front of the baby (behind my belly button) rather than behind him. So while I still felt all of his movements, they were toned down and not very intense.

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    Becoming a Big Brother- When Your World Changes

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    It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st or 5th baby. A baby changes absolutely everything. Your routine and schedule, your relationship with your spouse, your relationship with your pet, your relationship with your other children (if any), your relationship with your friends and family, your sleep patterns, your eating habits, everything.

    Introducing a new member to your family is such a wonderful thing, but it can also definitely turn things upside down. I’m about to have my second baby and I already know it’s going to shake things up for everyone. Especially Sawyer. Not only is he currently an only child, but he’s also the only grandchild on both sides. That means he has the constant attention of not only my husband and me, but our parents and siblings. Adding a new baby to the mix is going to rock his world. He’s too young to understand my pregnancy, and I’m trying to find other ways to get us both ready for the change.

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