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    Recover in Comfort with Pink Blush

    Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Pink Blush. All opinions are my own. Visit my disclaimer page for more information.

    When packing your hospital bag for birth, there is something important to keep in mind…recovery! Half of your hospital stay will most likely be after baby is born. You’ll want something comfortable and breastfeeding friendly. You’ll be exhausted and in pain, you need something comfy!

    As usual, Pink Blush has you covered.

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    Ecocentric Mom July & August

    My last 2 pregnancy boxes! They came with some pretty school stuff, I’m bummed I wasn’t able to use some of them since I was no longer pregnant. I’m planning on gifting some of it to a newly preggo friend who I’m sure will love it!

    These boxes, (as always) came with some all natural goodies to pamper yourself during pregnancy. I love spoiling myself with these boxes every month. Now that little Oliver is here I can switch over to the Mom & Baby box!

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    Oliver’s Birth Story

    I should’ve written this post ages ago. But with his NICU stay followed immediately by us moving, I haven’t had a second to gather my thoughts and emotions on Oliver’s birth. Now, I have.

    Today is his due date. It boggles my mind to think I should have still been pregnant all this time. It’s crazy to think about and hard to wrap my mind around. I think because he was always meant to come when he did. The Lord knew we needed him here.

    On June 24th, we threw Sawyer a birthday party. This was probably a mistake because I was supposed to be on modified bed rest and staying off my feet but the invites had already gone out, decor bought, cupcakes baked, etc. so I refused to cancel, I wanted to give my son a birthday party. The party was probably too much for me and being on my feet all day hanging decorations could possibly be one of the reasons I went into labor early.

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    The Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

    Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Americord. All opinions are my own. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information.

    Our babies are so special.

    I look at my two sons and I know I would do anything for them! There is no cost I would spare, nothing I wouldn’t do, to make sure they were safe, healthy, and happy. We always want what’s best for our children, don’t we?

    Something I wish I was more educated on before my babies were born is Cord Blood Banking. And I’m not alone. Approximately 33% of all expectant parents are unaware of the option of Cord Blood Banking, and even of those who are aware, 74% of them consider themselves to be minimally informed.

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    A Coming Home Outfit

    Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange fore review. All opinions are my own. Visit my Disclaimer Page for more information.

    Since Sawyer came early, there were a few things I never got to do and wasn’t prepared for. We didn’t have the nursery done, we didn’t have a coming home outfit for him, we didn’t even have hospital bags packed. So with this baby, I knew I needed to be more prepared!

    Well, Oliver came even earlier than Sawyer did and while there are still plenty of things that need to be done, we were at least slightly more prepared. I did at least have the hospital bags packed which really was lucky, given I had only packed them a week before. I had all the newborn clothes unpacked, I had all the gear I needed, and I had a coming home outfit for him.

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    34 Week Pregnancy + Condition Update

    Hello, Friends.

    First of all, thank you so much for all your messages and prayers regarding Baby Brown. They mean so much to us! A lot has happened in the last week that I want to document so let’s get right to it. I haven’t done a bumpdate in so long!

    How far along? 34 weeks

    How big is baby? Baby is the size of a butternut squash

    Symptoms? High blood pressure, headaches, swelling, fatigue, achy back, pelvic pressure, contractions, frequent urination

    Cravings? Still ice.

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    Friday Favorites -Forté Elements and Ecocentric Mom

    If I hit “publish” on this before midnight, I can still call it a Friday Favorites post, right? This week has been nothing short of disappointing, crazy, busy, scary, and every other emotion you can think of. I’ll do a quick pregnancy update next week but basically, last weekend I started showing the beginning signs of preeclampsia and have been on a modified bed rest ever since. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet, thank goodness. We’re hoping if I rest and take it easy we can avoid big blood pressure spikes. We’ll see. Keep me in your prayers!

    Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information.

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