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    Friday Favorites- Okie B and Jack Jack and Co

    Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! Can you believe it’s already the 23rd? Where has December gone?

    I can’t wait for Christmas this year! While I’m especially excited to take the next 2 days off, I also can’t wait to see Sawyer’s face on Christmas morning. Last year he was only 6 months old and while he appreciated his new toys (he mostly appreciated the wrapping paper), this year should be a lot more fun for him.

    But I have a few fun things to share with you today so let’s get started.

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    Friday Favorites- Just Get Pampered and Nyme Organics

    I received these items in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. Visit my disclaimer page for more information.

    Happy Black Friday!

    I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great! I know ours sure was! I have some fun things to share with you today, so lets get right to it!

    Just Get Pampered

    Just Get Pampered is an adorable little etsy shop I stumbled across not too long ago. She sells adorable, handmade goods, that would make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers! She offers a wide variety of products from camera bags and straps, cute soap dispensers, monograms, crossbody bags, gift bag sets, and more!


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    Grove Collaborative November Picks + Freebies!

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    You guys know how I love Grove Collaborative for natural products for your home. I love using their services to have all natural, chemical free, safe products delivered to my door every month! I wanted to share with you what I got for November, and what their current deals are!

    If you missed my October post, here’s a little bit about Grove Collaborative:

    Grove Collaborative is a service that ships you all natural household products every month. You can pick whatever products you want, and opt out of any month you need. They have household cleaners, essential oils, beauty products, baby products and more! Since I’ve been on my journey to rid our house of chemicals, Grove Collaborative has helped immensely. I’m busier than ever now, and while I loved making my own cleaners, I just don’t have the time anymore. Grove Collaborative has helped me continue to make my home a safe place.

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    Natural Remedies for Teething and the Common Cold

    Okay, teething is the worst.

    I honestly didn’t even really know until now. Before, it had been kind of a chill experience. He would only get 1 tooth at a time and they came in slowly. Sure he was uncomfortable but we would give him the necessary oils, and, on the bad nights, tylenol. And he would be fine. Then, the tooth would pop through and we would resume our normal lives.

    But last week, oh man, last week was killer.

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    Chemical Free in 2016: Aihu Essentials for Healing and Grace Mabel Baby

    Disclaimer: Thank you to Grace Mabel Baby and Aihu Essentials for Healing for sponsoring today’s post. I received these items in exchange for review. As always, all opinions are my own. Visit my disclaimer page for more information.

    Happy Friday everybody!

    I’m really excited about today’s collab because they’re products I really really love, and they’re chemical free!

    You guys know I’m all about the essential oils and natural living. These two companies are owned by the same person, and their values line up with mine so well. They create only natural, chemical-free products to help you in all areas of life. I’m so excited about the things they sent me so let’s dive right in!

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    Snack Hard, Nap Hard

    We love to eat in our house. And sleep. Eating and sleeping are near and dear to our hearts. And we passed that on to Sawyer. He’s been a great sleeper since he was 6 weeks old. A few times a month he still has his off nights where he’s up all night, but 85% of the time he sleeps a solid 12 hours at night with a 2+ hour nap during the day!

    There are some tricks I’ve picked up for getting him to take god naps and sleep through the night. When he was younger, he was a horrible napper. And I mean horrible. He would only nap if I was holding him and as soon as I set him down, I was lucky if he would stay asleep for 20 minutes. Luckily, when he was around 9 months old, I finally got the hang of things, and now, he consistently naps for 2+ (sometimes even a full 3) hours! Here are my not-so-secrets:

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    Grove Collaborative September Box + Free Gift!

    Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

    I haven’t updated Chemical Free in 2016 in a long time and wanted to check in with some awesome product swaps I’ve made!

    I recently discovered Grove Collaborative and I’m obsessed! They ship you chemical free and all-natural home and beauty products every month! And the prices are great! One thing that holds me back from buying the all natural alternative (I usually make my own), is that they can be much more expensive. But with Grove, I was really, really surprised! My order only came to about $25 (with shipping!) and I got 7 products! Here’s what I got this month:


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