Birthday Recap- 24!

Happy Belated Birthday to me! I turned 24 yesterday!

Yes, my birthday was on election day. Which was a pretty big bummer since this election was also a pretty big bummer. We couldn’t help it, we were glued to the news after dinner watching the electoral votes get counted. Oh, well. I’ll have tons more birthdays, hopefully never colliding with an election again.

But the rest of the day was great! I’m trying to do more of these “life updates”. I love blogging as a profession, but I also want to keep a record of some of our fun life moments to look back on!

On my birthday, we woke up and made breakfast burritos with my new cast iron skillet (a gift from my sister and brother in law). Then, I watched some tv while Kurtis got Sawyer ready, then headed out to to vote!

We got to vote at our old high school. It was weird to be back there but also kind of cool to take Sawyer to the place where we met! After voting, we headed to lunch with my parents. We ate a Tokyo Joes and opened presents! It was great! They got me a FujiFilm Instax Polaroid Camera, film, new boots, and the cookbook Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. I drool over the dishes she posts on Instagram and have wanted her cookbook forever! I can’t wait to make some yummy cheat meals with it!


After lunch, Kurtis took me Ulta to spend some of my birthday money from my Grandma. An Ulta JUST opened in our town and we haven’t been yet! I got some new beauty blenders, powder, concealer, and a highlight stick. After my little shopping spree, I dropped them off at home so Sawyer could take a nap and headed off to Starbucks and to get a pedicure.


Every time I get a pedicure, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. Feet are so gross.


After my pedicure we got ready for dinner and headed out. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant- La Sandia at Park Meadows. We got there a little early and browsed the mall before eating. We took Sawyer to the Disney store (one of his favorite pastimes) and got me some new tea from Teavanna. After dinner, we came home for cake and presents!


Kurtis got me sheepskin inserts for my Hunter boots (ah-mazing), a new 200mm lens for my camera, a lens hood, and a new workout tank. The new lens for my Nikon is incredible. My current one is great but doesn’t have a very far zoom, so I wanted something longer. Plus, as someone who relies heavily on photography for my business, it’s good to have options. I’m so excited to start using it!



After dinner we were pretty much glued to our phones watching history being made. Despite being pretty overshadowed by the election, it was actually one of my best birthdays ever. I got to spend it relaxing, with my family, getting spoiled, and isn’t that what birthdays are about?

Here’s to year 24!



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