Bath Time featuring Little Green Cares 

Sawyer LOVES bath time! It doesn’t matter if he was screaming his head off 3 minutes earlier, as soon as he hits that warm water he is just so, so content. 
However, Sawyer, just like lots of babies, has extremely sensitive skin. We live in Colorado where the air is extremely dry and so is our skin. Here, lotion is an absolute necessity. When he was a newborn, we tried everything to no avail. Even Honest Co products made him break out!   

Then, we found Little Green Cares. Little Green Cares is children’s bath products formulated for sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic and gluten free! I had such a great experience with them, and they were confident Sawyer wouldn’t have a reaction to their products. And so far, so good!

The founder of Little Green was inspired to create the collection when he noticed his grandchildren suffering from allergies and delicate skin conditions. After researching top selling brands that cater to babies and children, he found that nothing worked. His goal was to create a collection of products that live up to its claim: safe, gentle and pure. That’s what we have today, and we hope to help your little one with his sensitive skin as well!

They sent us the Baby Essentials Set. It came with Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Nourishing Body Lotion, and a Soothing Balm. We tried them out and loved them! They smell great and Sawyer hasn’t had a break out or rash! And the Soothing Balm is so great and has quickly become a diaper bag must have. It can be used to nourish your skin and lips on the go. Sometimes I even use it for myself! 

I would reccomend Little Green Cares to all mamas, especially those whose children have sensitive skin, it works wonders and we’re hooked! 


If you are interested in Little Green Cares you can purchase products here

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What are your favorite bath time essentials? 


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