26 Weeks

26 weeks!

Baby is the size of: A head of lettuce

Craving: ICE, fruit, grilled cheese

Symptoms: Heartburn, frequent urination, trouble sleeping, achy back

Only one more week left in the second trimester! We are almost in the home stretch and I am getting so excited. For so long it felt like I was always going to be in early pregnancy and that this time would never come. I can’t believe I’m ¾ done and he will be here sooner rather than later! 

We’ve hit kind of a standstill with his nursery. I know what I want but we’re both so busy and I’m so tired! We still have to finish clearing all our “office” furniture out, paint, and then move his furniture in! 

The next two months are going to fly by! We’ve got so much going on! This past weekend I co-hosted a bridal shower for my sister with the other bridesmaids which was so fun, but very exhausting! I’ve got another shower coming up for her that I’m throwing, a possible women’s retreat, my sister’s bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, WEDDING itself, friend’s baby showers, doctors appointments, hospital tours, continuing to work 40 hours a week, getting the nursery ready, family visiting, and LOTS of new and exciting things happening with my writing and my blog that I am so excited to share with you.

With all of that going on, before I know it, it will be July and he could arrive at any time after that! Ah! Here are some things we’ve been up to since it’s been so long since my last bumpdate:

25 weeks

Mollie’s Bridal Shower

Some of the baby things we’ve accumulated!

I’m pretty uncomfortable now. I don’t sleep very well and get up multiple times every night to pee. So great. Luckily, the doctor okay’d the use of Zofran for heartburn so I have that mostly under control now!

I had my 25 week appointment last week and had to take the dreaded glucose test. I had to drink the glucose first, and then go back for my check up. Kurtis and I had just gone out to lunch and I was very full before I drank it and it made me feel awful. During my appointment my doctor went to measure my uterus and pushed on my stomach which did NOT go well. I couldn’t keep the glucose drink down, and therefore messed up my results 🙁 I think it would’ve been a lot more embarrassing if I had been anywhere else! Doctors aren’t really phased by that kinda thing and Kurtis is stuck with me regardless, ha! Anyways, we finished up my appointment and she told me I had to come back and retest which I did today. I had a very light breakfast, took an anti-nausea pill, and was able to keep it down the full hour! I haven’t gotten my results yet, but fingers crossed that I passed! 

Baby still looks good. He moves around a ton, which Kurtis is able to feel now. So fun! I love that he’s active, it makes the whole thing seem more real. I had to actually step on a scale at my last appointment and the number I saw was not pleasing, but I had to remind myself this is only temporary and it’s all for him. The payoff will be worth it! 

Here’s to the third trimester!


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